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Flame Toys Transformers Drift Review – [A3U REVIEW S9 E2]

Takara LG-EX God Ginrai vs LG42 Godbomber – [A3U Review S9 E1]

A3U REVIEW NIGHT: Fans Toys FT-22 Koot & Ocular Max PS-11 Omne – [S8 E19]

TFcon USA 2017 Roundtable – Flame Toys Drift [A3U Review S8 E18]

TFcon USA 2017 Roundtable Review Part 2 – ThreeA, DNA Designs, Mayhem Mekanics, Ocular Max, MMC

TFcon Toronto 2017 Customizing Class – [A3U Review S8 E14]

Setting up for TFcon 2017 and dealer room tour – [A3U Review S8 E14]

TFcon 2017 New Products First Impressions – [A3U REVIEW S8 E13]

Customizing Ocular Max Diaclone Paris Dakar Rally Terraegis – [A3U REVIEW S8 E12]

BLOOPERS from A3U Review Season 8 Episode 11

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