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The Gang’s All Here!

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Custom Showcase Gallery is Live!

Finally got the gallery together and the gang is all here. We are very lucky to have these talented individuals here with us showcasing some of their best and latest creations. We will try to keep the galleries and projects up to date but as always we suggest visiting their respective sites and Facebook pages to show these guys some love. We proudly welcome and present…

  • Frenzy Rumble
  • Kingbotz Customs
  • Xavier Cal Customs
  • Customs by Z

Please check out our new galleries by clicking here.

ReproLabel Update!

ReproLabel Update

Look what our boys over at ReproLabels have been up to! This is hot off the presses and no idea on release date just know it is coming. Be sure to check em out over at

FireFair FF01 King of Fire and FF02 King of Evil add-on kits

Firefair just showed off the in-package for their upcoming products. FF01 King of Fire is an add-on kit for MP Grimlock which gives it the flame effects. FF02 is an add-on kit for Toyworld’s TW-01 Hegemon, giving it some added lift with the feet replacements and new heads that are more expressive than the stock one. Check it out.



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KFC’s Citizen Stack (MP scaled Ultra Magnus)

New images of KFC’s Citizen Stack. It’s roughly 13 inches tall and has an all-in-one transformation. Includes a big gun, a comic book and a bio card. It’ll be out this month.



New Show!

Its raining beards! Luis and Joe Daddy sing and dance their way into your hearts on a rainy Saturday show. and a 3rd party Transformers update. Great time! Check out the great song video sung in 20 different styles that was featured on the show. Thank you for listening guys!


New ‘VS’ Battle

Battle of the 3RD Party Transformer! What say you! The choice is yours. Lets put the combiner construct bots at war. Two great companies putting the mighty H to shame with an awesome toy. Maketoys- Green Giant ‘VS’ TFC Toys- Hercules…Let your voice be heard here on The Pow Wow


Custom Robots Sunstreaker and Wheeljack prototypes

Modern day Action Masters. Here are the prototypes for Sunstreaker and Wheeljack from 3rd Party group Custom Robots. We hope to see the production version soon.


Kids Logic SD Transformers Figures

The Latest offering from Kids Logic. These are official Transformers figures, though non-transforming, they still pack a punch. We are also waiting on a teased Megatron figure.

Check them out: Optimus Prime, Bumblee, Starscream, Soundwave, Grimlock, and Nemesis Prime


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KFC E.A.V.I. New Leader (not UltraMagnus

Fresh from Weibo, Here’s an image of KFC’s upcoming version of UltraMagnus. It’s only the torso, and it looks promising. This is rumored to be MP scale. We’ll be waiting for more information.


1909388_261206494051996_1260628559_o 10169315_261206497385329_1906002806_n 1797438_261206490718663_1101315149_n

X-Transbot MM-IV Ollie

From X-Transbots’ product pages we now have some information about their upcoming Ollie (not-Wheelie) figure. It is 4.64 inches in height and is slated to be in stock early season 2014. Maybe this April(?). The prototype was also posted by X-Transbot Toys.

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