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Black Plastic Life – KO MP10A Convoy (BAPE Version)


Gallery of KO MP10A Convoy (BAPE Version)

Full review can be found here.

Dx9toys D-05 Chigurh

D-05 Chigurh

by Dx9toys

Unique Toys Ordin Weapon!

Ordin’s Weapon

by Unique Toys

Resin prototype test shot, final product will be improved.


UniqueToys O-03 Fenrir

We have some new pics of UniqueToys O-03 Fenrir, thanks to weibo user wangjiaodongman. Also in the pictures are Troll and Alberich. Only two more figures to go and well get Ordin all completed.


Skullface Reviews Iron Factory IF-EX02 Turrets & Manacle

Skullface takes a look at Iron Factory Turrets & Manacle. He looks at the figures, accessories and transformations.


DMY Toys War Within Optimus Prime prototype

Fresh from weibo comes a new prototype for War within Optimus Prime, coming form DMY Toys. It’s huge as it towers over the Combiner Wars Optimus Prime.  We hope to hear more soon. For now, enjoy the few pictures that they’ve shared.


TF-Prototype’s Flap Jack Tech Specs

Flap Jack


Flap Jack™
Base Commander & Communications

“No, it’s the team!”

Flap Jack prefers to stay shrouded in mystery as very little is known about him. He would much rather be dealing with communications and data transmission but his dedication, diplomacy, and knowledge have earned him 2nd Commander status with his fellow team mates. Flap Jack prefers to avoid conflict and will go out of his way to avoid it. Instead he uses his skills to rationalize situations and make the best of them.

Dedication to the cause is his only know weakness.

  We will try to cover a different member each week until the  Tech Spec collection is complete.

DX9Toys X-05 Cyclonus

DX9Toys has been banging up some great releases. Here’s an upcoming figure in their War in Pocket series, X-05, Legends scaled Cyclonus. They haven’t released the name yet, but we’ll keep tabs on it and report as soon as we get more information. From what we’ve heard, this will come with X-06 (Galvatron).


HEROCROSS Hasbro HMF 015 Optimus Prime

Standing 16cm tall and weighing in at 300g This Hasbro Licensed product comes complet with 6 Interchangeable Hands, Dual Energon Swords, Ion Blaster and with more than 20 Alloy parts making this figure up it truly is a Super Deformed Masterpiece

Fansproject LER-02 Cubrar w/ Tekour – Pictorial Review



Gallery of Fansproject LER-02 Cubrar with Tekour.

The full review can be found here.



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