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Welcome Kingbotz Customs!

Kingbotz Customs has done some amazing metal and rivet work making custom Transformers figures into statues, play-toys, play-sets, huge cartoon like wire frame replicas, and things I cannot describe but always works of art for years now. This is some of the most stunning work we have ever seen. We here at TF-Prototype are proud to present
Kingbotz Customs!

Click picture below to view gallery

Kingbotz Customs

Kingbotz Customs

Maketoys Utopia Gallery is now Live!

TF-Prototype is going to attempt to make a 3rd Party Image bank for the Fans to be able to come to one place and admire all their favorite 3rd Party Manufactures hard work.

Come check out the New Maketoys Utopia Gallery. Job well done Maketoys cannot wait to see more. We will keep you posted.

MakeToys Utopia Gallery

Make Toys Utopia

Make Toys Utopia

3rd Party Wheeljack and Sunstreaker from Custom_Robots

Custom Robots’ upcoming offering for their line of Revoltech-like figures. We have Wheeljack and Sunstreaker. We’ve seen people rave about the Soundwave and Shockwave figures that they made. We hope to see these fleshed out soon. Enjoy the pictures.


1970674_1435757333333828_1861082897_n1554560_1435757383333823_1180249877_n 1150814_1435757370000491_2127167250_n 1902846_1435757353333826_121651643_n

1972427_1435755890000639_507111451_n1966898_1435755960000632_1491484924_n 1800312_1435755923333969_1421570371_n 14524_1435755906667304_1597604611_n

check them out on facebook here.


Come Help Out TF-Prototype!


Public polls have just been installed asking real question that we need your help on. Be apart of what happens here and help us with what you guys what to see.
Thank you,


Answer by looking to right hand sidebar on the website.

Xavier Cal’s Customs

Xavier Cal

Xavier Cal has been doing this for many years now and is no stranger to custom collectors. We here at TF-Prototype are proud to present some of his latest work to date. Please go view all Images over at his gallery and even like his Facebook page. You may even contact him for custom project using the form provided. Please visit gallery by clicking here.

May we add in that Xavier Cal is not affiliated with and or a part of TF-Prototype in any way. We support him and his quality of work. Thank you.

Xavier Cal Customs

Xavier Cal Customs

Fansproject Warbots

Some teasers and posters for Fansproject’s Warbot line. Pictures came from Weibo.

Here we have WB-005 Riftshot Core and WB-006 Recoiler Core’s poster that will go with their upcoming release. These have been touted to be the equivalent of Rack-n-Ruin.




Now this is a teaser for their upcoming Warbot with the title Three Kings. Not sure why it says WB006 when we have Recoiler Core with that designation. Anyway, here you go.



New TF-Prototype Collection Page Live

We are always doing what we can to improve our site as the latest addition open to the public we are proud to present our first…

TF-Prototype Collection Gallery Showcase: Alfredo

Alfredo Custom Collection

Alfredo Custom Collection


Maketoys MCB-002 Utopia digibashed size comparison

Here’s a digibashed size comparison thanks to TFW2005 member WuLongTi. He used the floor design to line them up for scale. This set has been rumored to be the size of YOTS Omega Supreme and will cost around $400USD. Please take that with a grain of salt until we get the official announcement from Maketoys. For now, here are the pics.

1468711_477458399020335_1420700110_n 1978425_477447299021445_1628764362_o

Maketoys City Bot Series MCB-002 Utopia

Just after the recent release of Trash-talk and Cogwheel, Manga Mech series figures, and MCB-001  City Bot Series Armageddon Upgrade Kit, Maketoys is again making waves with their upcoming City Bot Series MCB-002  Utopia. It’s a brand spanking new version of Metroplex. Check out the pics after the break.


Our Utopia Image Gallery is now live and this article has been updated.


utopia12-1 utopia13-1 utopia14-1 utopia15-1 utopia16-1 utopia17-1 utopia18-1 utopia19-1 utopia20-1 utopia21-1 utopia22-1 utopia23-1 utopia25-1 utopia24-1 utopia26-1 utopia1-1 utopia2-1 utopia3-1 utopia5-1 utopia6-1 utopia7-1 utopia8-1 utopia9-1 utopia10-1 utopia11-1

Fans Toys FT-04 Scoria video review

Here’s the first (US) video review for Fans Toys FT-04 Scoria that has popped up. Video was done by Optibotimus. Check the video after the jump.




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