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Custom Robots Sunstreaker and Wheeljack prototypes

Modern day Action Masters. Here are the prototypes for Sunstreaker and Wheeljack from 3rd Party group Custom Robots. We hope to see the production version soon.


Kids Logic SD Transformers Figures

The Latest offering from Kids Logic. These are official Transformers figures, though non-transforming, they still pack a punch. We are also waiting on a teased Megatron figure.

Check them out: Optimus Prime, Bumblee, Starscream, Soundwave, Grimlock, and Nemesis Prime


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KFC E.A.V.I. New Leader (not UltraMagnus

Fresh from Weibo, Here’s an image of KFC’s upcoming version of UltraMagnus. It’s only the torso, and it looks promising. This is rumored to be MP scale. We’ll be waiting for more information.


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X-Transbot MM-IV Ollie

From X-Transbots’ product pages we now have some information about their upcoming Ollie (not-Wheelie) figure. It is 4.64 inches in height and is slated to be in stock early season 2014. Maybe this April(?). The prototype was also posted by X-Transbot Toys.

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Mech iDeas Techo Toon Titans Bluster & Trench up for pre-order

If you’re into TF Animated, then you’re in for a treat. The upcoming Techno Toon Titans Bluster & Trench from Mech iDeas are now up for pre-order over at PlanetSteelExpress. Check them out.


Dr. Wu DW-P21 Rambo update

Updated images from Dr. Wu for the DW-P21 Rambo accessory kit for MP-12G SG Sideswipe.


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Custom IDW Whirl

Javaco from TFW2005 has been working on a kit to upgrade the Transformers HFTD Deluxe Tomahawk figure into an IDW Whirl figure. We hope to see more of this kit.


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‘VS’ Challenge of the Upgrade- Winner

The challenge (WHO IS MAKING THE SUPERIOR BRUTICUS UPGRADE) was tough but the TF Prototype Army responded. Although we consider all companies as winners in our book, there can only be one in our ‘VS’ Challenge! It was a long, hard fought battle. Many were lost and will be remembered as heroes for the ages but those who stood tall and persevered  shall enjoy the fruits of their conquest. TF Prototype and The Pow Wow Show would like to congratulate………MicroBlaze Creations on their hard fought Victory. MicroBlaze took on the challenge of turning something mediocre into a very cool toy. Great figure along with the parts necessary for a tight look and articulation. Although the X-Transbots upgrade is better priced and does major improvements on this mediocre toy, Microblaze Creations just takes it to the next level. Excellent Job, MICROBLAZE CREATIONS!


Wu Long Toys

Christian Brock of Wu Long Toys talks with us about designing his 3rd party Transformer figures from concept to design and production through Shapeways (Check out his line of toys here) Thank you, Christian! With MegaCon 2014 behind us, we talk about the quest for sanity at the OCCC, and our adventures in Orlando. Thank you MegaCon for being the best show, Christine and Beth for always giving us a home to broadcast from and our team at



Comparison shots of TFC Toys Nemean and Mastermind Creations Leo Dux

Thanks to Oscar Fung and Daimchoc, we now have comparison pictures of TFC Toys Nemean and Mastermind Creations Leo Dux. Enjoy!


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