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More pictures of Mastermind Creations Leo Dux (in hand)

Posted by Daimchoc/Oscar Fung on Facebook. Here are more pictures of MMC’s Leo Dux.

X-Transbot Toys Takara FOC Bruticus upgrade set

X-Transbots images of their BEK-01TK Boosticus upgrade set for Takara FOC Bruticus.


X-Transbot Toys G2 FOC Bruticus upgrade set

X-Transbots images of their BEK-01G2 Boosticus upgrade set for G2 FOC Bruticus.


Production version of Warbotron WB-01A Air Burst

We just got some photos c/o Uranus Secret Toy Garden, for the production model for Warbotron WB-01A Air Burst. Lots of images. LOL


TFC Toys Conabus from Project Ares (Predaking)

TFC Toys via their weibo page have posted the colored images for Conabus (Headstrong). Check it out.

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Upgrade Battle #1

The first in a series of the Battle of the 3rd Parties. We face off two great companies and their awesome products and YOU the TF Prototype Army get to decide the outcome. First up, The Battle of the Bruticus Upgrade. Microblaze Creations ‘VS’ XTransbots. Let your voice be heard here or on our Facebook page…. BEGIN!!!!


Warbotron WB-01A Air Burst, more images.

More images of WB-01A Air Burst, courtesy of Guangcheng.


Video Review of Fansprojects Warbot Recoiler Core and Riftshot Core

New video review from Peaugh, for FP’s Recoiler Core and Riftshot Core. Check it out. We also have a few more images of the Warbots, also c/o Peaugh


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New images of Fansproject’s R-Warbots surfaced

We just got these two teaser images of Fansporjects Warbots showing the R3 Team. Recoiler Core, Riftshot Core, and showing off the Armor bit, Ultra Revolver Core. The armor upgrade really makes him look like Roadbuster.Does this mean that there’s a mass market release? Looks to be.



Thanks to


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MegaCon 2014

The Pow Wow Show had a great time as always at #Megacon 2014. Listen to our fun broadcast featuring Mike Mckown, Brian Pulido and many other great guests in this 3 hour Mega Fest. Thank you to our sponsors Tates Comics and! TF-Prototype Represent!



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