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[Ocular Max] Perfection Series – PS-01 Sphinx

Photos of Sphinx (upcoming pilot product from Ocular Max) by U.NEM Studios!

Transformers Masterpiece Chromedome

U.NEM Studios brings us Cupola, MakeToys’ Masterpiece scaled Chromedome.


Transformers Masterpiece MP-23 Exhaust with Racing Sponsor Labels

U.NEM Studios shares with us Hi-Res photos of labelled up MP-23 Exhaust.

Most of the stickers are from the Ocean Design dry transfer sticker sheet. The bigger stickers like the bonnet and side “Marlboro” stickers are from Ashlin Marie uncut sticker sheet.



Transformers Masterpiece Reformat

Here’s a compilation of some of the “Masterpiece Reformat” photos from U.NEM Studios. A good source of comparison between past and present.



Transformers Combiner Wars Constructicons/Devastator (Part 2)

Some clean and crisp comparison shots of Combiner Wars Constructicons Vs their G1 counterparts from U.NEM Studios.

You’ll see that the Combiner Wars figures stay relatively true to their predecessors and spot some really cartoon accurate headsculpts.



Transformers Combiner Wars Constructicons/Devastator (Part 1)

U.NEM Studios managed to get hold of a Combiner Wars Devastator set (courtesy of Planet Iacon), and brings us a MASSIVE gallery of the green bots, the boxart, the instruction sheet and even some group shots with a couple of Masterpieces for size comparison.

Part 2 is coming up soon. Stay tuned!



Iron Factory – EX-04 – City Commander

Here’s a gallery of Iron Factory’s City Commander (Ultra Magnus) from U.NEM Studios.

A well-articulated figure for his size. The rest of the line should be promising. Enjoy!

Transformers Classics Dinobots (FansProject LER)

U.NEM Studios brings us a MASSIVE gallery of the three Dinobots released under the FansProject Lost Exo-Realm banner!

Check out the photos and help U.NEM Studios to meet their “1K Likes” Campaign !



Transformers Classics Blaster & Cassettebots

U.NEM Studios brings us another great gallery. This time it features Mega Steel’s Buster along with some 3P buddies. Looks like some of them are having fun chilling out.

Check out the rest of his photos at U.NEM Studios. Enjoy!




Transformers – Masterpiece Sunstorm (Sunburst Custom)

U.NEM Studios brings us a gallery of a custom MP Sunstorm. Enjoy!


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