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UltraCon Preview

Irving Santiago stops in to give us a preview of the upcoming UltraCon of South Florida this Saturday. Chainsaw Sam-E gives us the Stolen News. Thank you all and see you Saturday at UltraCon!



After Thanksgiving Poop

Top 3 Thanksgiving treats, Farts, Trailers, Parking for UltraCon tips and our pics for Kevin and Bean’s Miss Double-D 2015. Gamebro thoughts on the new Star Wars teaser trailer. Thank you callers and Irving Santiago!



The Pow Wow Show #359


Thanksgiving Fun

Great night before Thanksgiving with Luis,  Joe Daddy and Sam-E. Burning city, rapey Cos, Jurassic World, fun tunes and fart jokes. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



Pudding Pops!

The Luis and the JoeDaddy and the pudding pops discuss Bill Cosby, U2 outrage, pudding pops. Gave away 2 UltraCon tickets, movie talk, pudding pops, toys, Jaden and Willow need to be beaten and Thanksgiving dinner debacle. Thank you to Eric and Steve for calling in and playing Porn or Tomb Raider for the UltraCon tickets. See you guys there, Dec. 13-14 at the Broward County Convention Center. Thanks to the man, Irving Santiago, for the tickets and the great conventions!




Luis wishes death on the lady who got Breaking Bad toys off shelves in TRU, we talk about our great time at Freakfest in the South Florida Fairgrounds, Halloween Horror Nights, Marvel Phase 3 and madness. Thank you all for your support.



Fright Nights- South Florida Fairgrounds

Craig McInnis, Creative Director of Fright Nights at The South Florida Fairgrounds in West Palm, talks to us about this awesome scary carnival with 3 huge Haunted Houses. This event runs Thurs.- Sat. till Nov. 1st. Get your tickets HERE now! We also talk about some new Halloween songs, scary clowns, American Horror Stories and The Walking Dead season premier. Thank you all for your support.



Toy Review: Transformers Generations Jetfire

Toy Review: Transformers Generations Jetfire by Hasbro. Its always exciting to see a new mold of Jetfire. Jetfire has always been one of my very favorite Autobots since G1. At first glance I see an awesome IDW artist’s artwork on the very cool Generations line box. I love boxes and feel that every figure should come in one so they can be taken out and placed back in whenever you want. The figure looks great. He is a great size and has really nice simple detail. The head has a removable battle mask that reveals his really cool face sculpt with great head rotation. The arms have great tight ratchet joints at the shoulder and bend at the elbow. The size of this figure should have allowed for added articulation for better posing, too bad. No waist movement. Legs also have a tight ratchet joint with some nice movement. The lack of articulation doesn’t get in the way of my enjoyment of this figure. I don’t like the amount of hollow parts in the arms, legs and the red chrome eyesore paint on the accessories. Red chrome can be remedied, check out the video below this post to find out how. The transformation on the figure is very easy and nicely engineered. The airplane mode looks glorious and yes, it has landing gear. Cockpit door opens up and I wish I had a little guy to put in there. I love this figure. I’m very pleased with the work that was put into this guy. Thank you, Hasbro!

10645217_10152346477700583_3981437648543505985_nSEE ALBUM HERE!

Double O, Joe Daddy!

His name is Daddy, Joe Daddy. We introduce our new sexy cohost Sammy, welcome October with Halloween Spooks, talk about lady with potato is vagina, lab grown penises and Sammy sets her house on fire. Action packed show! Thank you all for tuning in.



Rik Alvarez- Play With This Too

We talked with Rik Alvarez of the newly formed toy/collectable company called, Play With This Too. We talk about our fun at PalmCon 2014 and we dive into our ToyBox to talk about our latest toys.


Play With This Too,  is a small company formed by individuals with multiple years experience in the toy industry.

Chief Executive Manager, Rik Alvarez, is an author who has worked as a consultant for various Hasbro licensees and later as a full time Creative Manager at Hasbro Inc. He has worked on various brands including Transformers and G.I. Joe. Rik helped in developing the intellectual property, toys and licensed products for the Transformers films Dark of the Moon and Age of Extinction. He was also assisted in developing the same for the television series Transformers Prime and G.I. Joe Renegades. Rik has also been involved developing Hasbro’s figure line plan. He has also worked closely with the Official Transformers and G.I. Joe clubs and conventions.

Play With This Too’s goals include to be a top designer, manufacturer and wholesale distributor of high-end collectible action figures and add-on accessory kits. The aim is to target the rapidly growing collector oriented toy market and produce products for both wholesale distribution and exclusives for conventions, retailers and websites.



The Pow Wow Show Reviews Teletran 1 by Review-

   All of our listeners have heard Joe Daddy and I begging for someone to start producing backgrounds, environments and play-sets. We are very old school and want to pose our toys in front of a cool background. has stepped in and quenched our thirst for cool backgrounds. They generously sent me a new line specifically for my favorite toys, Transformers. Teletran 1 looks awesome. The stage is made of a thick cardboard with a laminated, hi res image of Teletran 1. I was blown away how great the figures look in the photos. I feel like I’m in the cartoon. They come in three sizes, small, medium and large. They currently have many backdrops for GI Joe, He-Man and TMNT on their website. All very unique but very detailed and accurate. Teletran 1 is the beginning of the Transformers line of Stages being produced as we speak. Very detailed and even comes with its own unique tiles for the floor of the Stage. I’m very impressed with these guys. Finally we have cool backgrounds for our curios of figures that where very lonely until now. I highly recommend you checking these guys out, TOYSTAGES.COM and follow them on facebook for daily updates on new stages being developed. Thank you,!

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