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Justin Ponsor/DubK Toys Update

Marvel Comics colorist, Justin Ponsor, talks with us about his career in comics and it leads to us geeking out about Captain America 2 and the Shield show. Thank you, Justin! Jason from DubK Toys calls in to talk about the Warbatron issue and upcoming 3rd party Transformers news featuring KFC Toys Stacks and a Daca Toys update on Kronos. Thank you, DubK Toys and our TF-Prototype supporters!!!!



Daca Toys

Rafael from Daca Toys, creator of the amazing Kronos (aka G1 cartoon Jetfire/Skyfire) talks with us about the process of concept to production. We get lots of scoops and best date of its actual release. Thanks to, and TFPrototype for all of the Transformer Community support. Thank you all for listening.



Boxformers Customs

262179_103764773121838_1037155846_nMario from Boxformers Customs talks with us about his unique business of Reproducing original G1 Transformers boxes and inserts in some cases. He also has big plans for future projects. Check out his facebook page for lots of pics and to order these high quality reproductions, to give your old toys a new home, Visit his website and place an order. Believe me, you will be very happy with his work. Thank you, Mario and thank you to all our new and old listeners for your support.




New Show!

Its raining beards! Luis and Joe Daddy sing and dance their way into your hearts on a rainy Saturday show. and a 3rd party Transformers update. Great time! Check out the great song video sung in 20 different styles that was featured on the show. Thank you for listening guys!


New ‘VS’ Battle

Battle of the 3RD Party Transformer! What say you! The choice is yours. Lets put the combiner construct bots at war. Two great companies putting the mighty H to shame with an awesome toy. Maketoys- Green Giant ‘VS’ TFC Toys- Hercules…Let your voice be heard here on The Pow Wow


‘VS’ Challenge of the Upgrade- Winner

The challenge (WHO IS MAKING THE SUPERIOR BRUTICUS UPGRADE) was tough but the TF Prototype Army responded. Although we consider all companies as winners in our book, there can only be one in our ‘VS’ Challenge! It was a long, hard fought battle. Many were lost and will be remembered as heroes for the ages but those who stood tall and persevered  shall enjoy the fruits of their conquest. TF Prototype and The Pow Wow Show would like to congratulate………MicroBlaze Creations on their hard fought Victory. MicroBlaze took on the challenge of turning something mediocre into a very cool toy. Great figure along with the parts necessary for a tight look and articulation. Although the X-Transbots upgrade is better priced and does major improvements on this mediocre toy, Microblaze Creations just takes it to the next level. Excellent Job, MICROBLAZE CREATIONS!


Wu Long Toys

Christian Brock of Wu Long Toys talks with us about designing his 3rd party Transformer figures from concept to design and production through Shapeways (Check out his line of toys here) Thank you, Christian! With MegaCon 2014 behind us, we talk about the quest for sanity at the OCCC, and our adventures in Orlando. Thank you MegaCon for being the best show, Christine and Beth for always giving us a home to broadcast from and our team at



Upgrade Battle #1

The first in a series of the Battle of the 3rd Parties. We face off two great companies and their awesome products and YOU the TF Prototype Army get to decide the outcome. First up, The Battle of the Bruticus Upgrade. Microblaze Creations ‘VS’ XTransbots. Let your voice be heard here or on our Facebook page…. BEGIN!!!!


MegaCon 2014

The Pow Wow Show had a great time as always at #Megacon 2014. Listen to our fun broadcast featuring Mike Mckown, Brian Pulido and many other great guests in this 3 hour Mega Fest. Thank you to our sponsors Tates Comics and! TF-Prototype Represent!



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