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Hasbro ThreeA Transformers TFG1 Optimus Prime Classic Edition

NBK-02 TF Engineering KO Generation Toys Navvy GT-01C Transformers Scavenger

Celestial Warriors Animal that King Kong-Godbeast Megazord Dragonzord

Transformers KO Hasbro Asia Exclusive Shattered Glass MP10 Optimus Prime

DNA Design DK-02M Metroplex Movable Hands Retail / SDCC / Takara

Wei Jiang Alcee Transformers KO Oversized Generations Arcee

Wei Jiang MPP10-H Hyaline Oversized Transformers Masterpiece Crystal Convoy

Garatron G.O.D-01 Thunderstorm Transformers IDW comics Masterpiece Thunderwing

FansToys FT-10 Phoenix Transformers Masterpiece Skyfire Jetfire

Fans Hobby Masterbuilder MB03 Feilong Transformers Masterpiece Doublecross

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