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Sirtoys Unboxing 21st September 2015

Sirtoys Mechanical Chain Base Display Gundam Mech Transformers

ToyWorld TW-D04 – IRON DREG

Unique Toys Y-01 Provider Octane

A3U - Ages 3+ Up Logo Ages Three and Up

A3U Reviews

A3u Gundam


Bullsfire – DB-01 Air Strike



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Takara MP-21G Masterpiece Goldbug Gallery

Thanks to Ben over at we have our very own Takara MP-21G Masterpiece Goldbug gallery and what a beauty this thing is!


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Square Enix Star Wars Figurine Gallery & Info As Posted On BensCollectables

Star Wars Figurines

by Square Enix

Hi guys it is Tec from TF-Prototype here again but with some not so mechanized news, this time we present quite a different take than what we are used to (but not a bad way) on Star Wars. It is honestly a very interesting concept to say the least and sheds a new light onto an old tale that almost modernizes what we are used to but modernized is not strong enough of a word and one escapes me. It is just a really creative look at what we all know. With the new movies slowly building hype these will surely be a hit no matter what we really think… but I love them! All Star Wars fans (even original design only guys or “purists” as I refer to them) will have to appreciate the nod to the original character design that is built into each one. Truly amazing details and sculpts will knock these home is my prediction but only time will tell. What do you guys think? Is this something Ben should get his hands on for us to review?




Play Arts


12,960 yen or US$109 roughly



CP - Captured Prey Logo

Click Here to visit their site!

Harris Loureiro Interview: As posted on BensCollectables

Harris Loureiro Interview

by Tec

Big thank you to Harris Loureiro of Harris Loureiro Films for agreeing to being interviewed.

Hello guys it is Tec from TF-Prototype here again. Harris Loureiro Films recently released a stop motion animation short showing off X-Transbots MX-1 Apollyon and it is currently making waves across the internet and social media. As most of you know Ben is currently in a battle with customs (last I heard) to get his home and also know that Ben has even been dabbling in some stop motion work of his own. It just so happens I was speaking to Harris Loureiro about his work and what he does for hours when it hit me… Let’s get some MX-1 details and stop motion secrets (ha!) ! So I quickly asked him if he would agree to a small interview for BensCollectables and here we are guys. Now enough with this long ironic drawn out story and into the interview!

Question #1:

Tec: What did you personally think of working with MX-1 Apollyon?

Harris: On my personal preference MX-1 Apollyon its good. Its really a great figures. I just hope its have a changeable face expression. Hope somebody will make that lol.

Question #2:

Tec: Was it any worse or better in terms of posing you think with fairness to whatever limitations?

Harris: To poseability this guy is not a problem he’s good at posing even tho there is some parts is due to his transformation that cause limitation. Like the shoulder arm cant lift up too high but the hip joint can help with that. Not a problem. And I love his articulation fingers and legs.

Question #3:

Tec: Was it weighted and balanced well while being held and/or standing?

Harris: He’s got weight in him, and balanced well with his diecast feet. It’s not loose at all. I don’t think he would fall easily.

Question #4:

Tec: What can you tell the Megatron fans dying to see and know more about this Apollyon?

Harris: Yea… as a megatron fan myself, he is worthy to be called Megatron. I dont know about others…But he is “Megatron” to me.

Question #5:

Tec: What got you into stop motion animation?

Harris: I watch lots of anime and cartoon and action movies all that stuff And a toy collector. And played with them a lots even tho im not kid anymore. I do a lot of posing with the articulation toys I have such as Revoltech and Bandai stuff. Japan toys are really good with articulation though. I always imagine as they were moving doing like in the anime action all that. I already knew about stop motion at that time. Then I started looking for tutorials on how to do it. Once I got it then started doing it lol. Its really take lots of time, but don’t really have anything much to do back then so I just spend all the spare time on it.

Question #6:

Tec: What was some of the hardest work you have done so far?

Harris: Doing stop motion on figures that have tight ratchet joints, and apollyon backflip transformation. That ain’t easy!

Question #7:

Tec: What was the funnest to film?

Harris: Hercules walking scenes. I never show that one. Due to his lack of foot articulation he’s walk like an old man lol. Not saying its a bad figure maybe I accidently filmed him like that. Will show it to you later haha.

Question #8:

Tec: What can you tell anyone who looks into getting into stop motion?

Harris: There are people asking me about the stop motion stuff. And there’s a lots of gadget or software can be used for stop motion but that’s not the main point… All you need a bit patient and just do it. Trust me once you done it, you will love it. Just have fun with it.


Now for anyone new to Harris Loureiro Films below is my first encounter with them many years ago and was instantly a fan.

And as I recently wrote about over at here is his most recent work to date released hours ago.

GigaPower HQ-03 Guttur Masterpiece Snarl

What a monstrous Dino, I take a look at the first offering at the Masterpiece Table from GigaPower.

How does it fair against the already established Fanstoys?

Click on the video below to find out.

HEROCROSS Hasbro HMF 015 Optimus Prime

Standing 16cm tall and weighing in at 300g This Hasbro Licensed product comes complet with 6 Interchangeable Hands, Dual Energon Swords, Ion Blaster and with more than 20 Alloy parts making this figure up it truly is a Super Deformed Masterpiece

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