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Sorry for not updating the blog for quite sometime. Here I’m announcing my review will be [temporarily, I hope] put on hold for unspecified period of time.
I’ve been swamped with my work these past couple of years and I don’t see it getting better in near time. Also, my attention will also go fully to my family so I can’t see any way for me to cater for both aspect of my personal life AND posting quality reviews in acceptable time.
In addition, I’m trying to stablize my financial situation so I won’t be able to get my hands on any new exciting stuff for the time being. Although before, I was lucky enough to have friends providing me their stuff as review materials, most of the stuff were bought by me and for the review to be done fast to help other collectors made purchasing decision, I often paid more than usual. Given the current situation, that’s a luxury I couldn’t afford.
Thank you all for your support, especially my loyal readers. Hope that one day I’ll be able to come back and sharing with you guys my reviews. 
Till All Are One!

Generations Combiner Wars Titan Class Devastator – Pictorial Review

This review is courtesy of Hasbro Malaysia and MyToy. This is a review unit, will hit the shelves in Malaysia around July/August.

Almost every year, there will be at least one Generations figure that fans look forward to. There are quite a few interesting official releases that were revealed for 2015 Generations Combiner Wars line like Leader Class Megatron, Ultra Magnus, the Stunticons, Aerialbots, Protectobots and few others. Personally, the most intriguing would be Titan Class Devastator, the 2nd Titan Class ever released.

To be honest, I’m quite surprised with the choice they made considering the other three combiners are around leader class and they already planned a more suiting Titan Class figure to be released within this couple of years (hush hush for now). However, knowing that Devastator is the most iconic combiner, the decision doesn’t really feels weird.

So, let’s get right it, one member of the Constructicons at a time.

1 – In Package 

The box is quite big, compared to regular releases but for those who are familiar with Titan Metroplex’s box size, this wouldn’t surprised you much. The artwork on the front looks really good, I must say.

The tech spec design can be seen on the top left corner of the box.

There are few characters can be seen on the box, battling Devastator but I’m not sure whether they were intended to be anything or not.

Back View

In case people are wondering, that’s how tall the box is compared to Deluxe Generation Arcee and Chromia.

Devastator comes with a big front-and-back instruction sheet, and also a tech spec (not in picture). On one side there are instructions to transform the Constructicons from robot to alt mode while the other, forming Devastator.

Other than that, Devastator comes with a pair of missile launchers that convert into forearms (sorry the picture looks too dark after I upload it), a gun and also chest armor.

The Big Gun

Devastator Chest Armor

2 – Hook

Alt Mode

You’ll see me saying this a lot of time in this review but Hook’s alt mode is a really nice throwback to G1 version of Hook which transform into Nissan Diesel Unic truck crane.

Side View
A bit disappointing but not surprising, the rims are all black without any detailing except for the green pegs that are visible. The shade of green and purple almost, if not exactly the same as G1 version of the toy. However, there’s not much detailing can be seen line compared to his predecessor which comes with yellow stripes on the crane (among others).

Back View

The rear is not fully covered as that’s where the head is in robot mode.

There’s not much functional parts on Hook’s alt mode aside from the crane (fix, can’t be extended) as even the base of the crane is not rotatable. 

The purple part at the middle of the alt mode is actually a compartment where Devastator’s head is stored. Surprisingly, compared to previous 3rd party version of Hook, he’s the only version that could conceal the head fully.

Robot Mode

Transformation to robot mode is quite simple, almost like G1 Hook which I think is intentional. Some might be surprised at first to see that the figure is quite hollow. This is not something new as that’s how the build starting from Generations IDW but due to his size, it looks more obvious.

Side View
Since the crane is fix and non-retractable, it touches the ground even when Hook standing straight (but not up to the point of pushing him forward).

Back View
The design on the back is quite clean except for the crane which is not an issue for me considering that’s one of the traits of the character. However, as you can see, the base of the crane is not at the center but rather slightly to the left.

The base can be slide to from the side to the center but not all the way due to the compartment blocking it.

The head sculpt is perfectly done, capturing Hook’s face. The detailing on the chest is based on the G1 toy version but not exactly the same.

Articulation wise, he’s a bit limited. Hook comes with a ball-jointed head, swivel and hinge on the shoulders and elbow, ball-jointed hips, hinge on the knees and also ankle tilts. The abcense of waist joint is acceptable considering how his transformation is but the basid elbow joints are really disappoiting, even more so that other parts were done nicely.

Combiner Mode

The transformation to combiner mode is really straightforward, reminded me a lot of G1 Hook. The combiner mode holds quite nicely together.

A lot of people were surprised when it was revealed that the shoulder uses C-Clip to attached the shoulders. However, those are not actually the combiner port but rather to connect Hook with the base of Scavenger and Bonecrusher.

On the underside, there are 2 connectors and 2 pegs used when attaching Hook with Long Haul.

3 – Long Haul

Alt Mode

I’m not totally sure what’s Long Haul’s alt mode is based on but it does look similar to the alt mode of G1 Long Haul, Hitachi DH321 mining dump truck. The alt mode is the most sturdy of all 6 members, not to mentioned the biggest.

Side View

The alt mode overall is quite clean except for the visible purple forearms on the side. That’s the only thing differentiating him with his G1 version.

The detailing is quite basic as the alt mode is quite plain aside from the front part of the alt mode.

Robot Mode

Now, the thing that stirred the fans when first revealed. Long Haul is the most basic of all the Constructicons, and having weird proportion. Transformation is also basic with parts quite similar to TFC version of Long Haul. Now, for those who wondered about the size, take a look at this
The Transformers: Robot In Disguise #29
Pic Credit : TFWiki

Side View

Back View

Unlike the G1 version where the dumping tray transform into the legs, the Generation version leave the tray hanging on the back, much like the approach taken by TFC before.

The head sculpt is nicely done and spot on. Although, the green square on his forehead looks a bit weird.

Aside from the limited hand articulations, Long Haul actually comes with a decent articulation overall.

Long Haul comes with a swivel-jointed head, hinge and swivel on the shoulders, sideways hinge on the elbow, ratcheting waist swivels, ratcheting universal joint on the hips, ratcheting hinge on the knees and also ankle tilts.

Combiner Mode

Long Haul transform into Devastator’s torso and upper leg, as he did in G1 series. Alone, Long Haul shoulders doesn’t really peg in anywhere but stays securely once fully combined.

The connector for the legs are different that what I’ve expected. There are several pegs where Mixmaster and Scrapper will be attached rather than using combiner ports.

4 – Scavenger

Alt Mode

Despite looking the same as G1 version of Scavenger, Generations Scavenger transform into a different version of excavator where the cab is at the front left rather than in the middle, left side of the alt mode.

That, and the lack of yellow stripes on the side are pretty much the only noticable difference between him and the G1 version.

The alt mode is clean where there’s almost no visible robot parts. Everything pegs together nicely but doesn’t really feel as solid as the first 2 figures.

The boom and the arm are attached via a hinge, the same for the boom to the body. The bucket, however, is molded at the end of the arm without any joints.

Robot Mode

Scavenger, in robot mode, is what I remembered him to be in the G1 series and the toy version. The transformation is, again, simple and straigthforward.

Side View

Well, the arm orientation is the different, compared to G1 version but that’s nitpicking.

Back View
I must admit, the hollow back of the forearms (and most parts on other figures) are really an eyesore.. And been getting worse and worse year after year ever since the IDW Generations started.

Spot on!
The detailing is nicely done on Scavenger’s chest and head with clean finishing, especially on the silver chest piece.

While other members of the Constructicons, Scavenger is one of the figures that enjoy almost full range of movement.

Scavenger comes with ball jointed head, shoulders and elbows, downward hinge on the wrists (transformation purpose), ball-jointed hips, hinge on knees and feet.

The missile launchers comes with a 5mm handle and can be used by any members of the Constructicons

Combiner Mode

Transforming to combiner mode is easiest to do from alt mode, almost like G1 Scavenger (full alt mode). The square is where the C-clip on Hook pegs in.

The tread connect to Hook and Long Haul as becomes part of Devastator body while the hand is actually the green portion of the alt mode.

Scavenger’s chest piece flips down and become the core of the forearm where the missile launcher pegs on forming Devastator’s arm.

5 – Bonecrusher

Alt Mode

Bonecrusher transform into a bulldozer that looks almost the same as the G1 version except for the cab part. Taking the G1 toy color scheme, Bonecrusher is all greent except for some silver and black details.

Side View

Back View
There’s almost no visible robot parts can be seen, which is really good.

The bucket is attached to the body via hinge which allows it to be tilted upwards and downwards.

Robot Mode

Bonecrusher is one of the best example of how well Hasbro can design the character, as Bonecrusher is almost exactly how you remember him in the G1 cartoon.

Side View

Back View
What bothers me though unlike Scavenger, Bonecrusher’s forearm attachment can be seen hanging at the back.

Gorgeous head sculpt!

Just like Scavenger, Bonecrusher is one of the figures that comes with proper articulation overall.

Bonecrusher comes with a ball-jointed head, shoulders, elbows and hips, hinge and swivel on the knees and also hinge on the feet.

I decided to equip Scavenger and Bonecrusher with the missile launchers considering they are attached to them in combiner mode.

Combiner Mode

The arm mode is basically Bonecrusher in alt mode with the forearm part flipped down. Unlike Scavenger’s where it is green, Bonecrusher’s is all black.

6 – Scrapper

Alt Mode

Scrapper transform into a wheel loader, the big kind that’s usually used in quarry. This is actually different compared to  G1 Scrapper’s alt mode but instead, more towards the same approach taken by TFC for their version of Scrapper (Structor).

Side View

Aside from the purple at the mid section and also the cab, Scrapper is all green minus the tires. Overall the alt mode is quite solid and everything pegs together nicely.

Back View
The alt mode is clean without any robot parts visible which is good enough compared to the other team members.

The bucket is attached to a 2-segments boom where each segment is connected by a hinge.

Robot Mode

Now for the disappointing part. Scrapper has a really decent robot mode, homaging to his G1 version….too much…including the lack of elbow joints…

Side View
The back kibble pegs in securely on the back and Scrapper is able to stand straight without any problem.

Back View

The head sculpt is as G1 accurate as it can be, nicely done. The design of the chest is closer to the G1 version which is quite surprising as the others aren’t.

Almost perfect! Almost. It’s a pity that this perfectly designed figure became one of the worst of the set just because he is missing a pair of elbows.

Scrapper comes with a ball-jointed head, double-hinge shoulders, swivel on the elbows, ball-jointed hips, hinge on the knees and ankle tilts.

Scrapper also comes with an extra joint on the waist to be used in combiner mode.

Combiner Mode

In [right] leg mode, Scrapper uses the configuration used by his G1 toy where the hands are straight instead of folded (or any other configurations, used particularly by TFC Hercules and Maketoys Giant).

What surprises me even more is how the Scrapper is attached to Long Haul in combiner mode. There are 2 pegs on the top portion and something sort of like a dado where Long Haul’s leg slides in.

7 – Mixmater

Alt Mode

Another thing that made the fans furious before, the controversial choice Hasbro made for Mixmaster’s alt mode.

Side View

To be honest, I never knew there is such a thing until I googled ‘backward cement truck’ and, voila~ Mixmaster alt mode is a perfect balance between green and purple colors, unlike the alt mode of the other team members which are mostly green.

Back View

I think the problem is the cab was not detailed properly or detailed enough for people to recognize it.

Robot Mode

Personally, Mixmaster has the weirdest and weakest robot mode compared to the others, despite the shortcomings of some of them.

I could understand if the backward cement truck alt mode was chosen to help improve the design of the robot mode but seeing this….

Back View

Aside from that, the head sculpt looks a bit weird too, the one and only in the set. The chest is based on the design of G1 Mixmaster aside from the detailing.
Even with the mixer positioning, Mixmaster is still a stable figure and with his range of articulation, he’s very easy to pose.

Mixmaster comes with a ball-jointed head, hinge and swivels on the shoulders and elbows, ball jointed hips, hinge on the knees and also ankle tilt.

The extra joint that allows him to tilt to the side is a bit lower compared to Scrapper but they are at the same level in combiner mode.

Combiner Mode

Transforming to combiner mode only involves flipping up the back portion to form the feet and folding out the front part to form the connector. While the alt mode looks a bit off, I don’t feel there’s an issue for his combiner mode.

Same connecting pegs

Officially, the forearms are folded to the back but I preferred to do as above.

8 – Group Shots

I really like how the Constructicons look in group, both in alt mode and robot mode.

It might not be clear before but the Constructicons in alt mode is huge, as you can see compared to Generation Deluxe Arcee.

In robot mode, the Constructicons are roughly the size of normal voyager, here with Combiner Wars Motormaster. Personally, this is how big I imagined the Constructicons should be, which was why I opted for TFC version before.

9 – Devastator

Now, for the best part. Combining Devastator prove to be quite easy once all the components has been transformed properly. There are quite a few tabs to make sure everything is attached securely, especially between Long Haul and Hook.

Side View

Back View
However, the empty part on Long Haul’s tray does bother me a bit, Hasbro should’ve make it one solid piece, just like the G1 version.

The were complaints before that Devastator look too ‘plain’ but I think that’s the direction Hasbro went with him. Watching back Devastator’s appearance in G1 cartoon, the character design doesn’t involved a lot of detailing. The minimal detailing made Devastator looks like one solid robot rather a combination of 6 individuals.

The head sculpt is nicely done with a really clean finishing. Hasbro opted for visor version rather than the eyes (like Takara version). Now, let’s see his detailing.

*Edit : Comparison was between Hasbro version and SDCC. Takara will have both visor and the eyes

The back piece on Scavenger is where the shoulder’s articulations are. The treads are securely pegged to Hook (using the C-Clip) and also to Long Haul’s hand at the side. Bonecrusher is also attached in the same manner.

The connection between Long Haul and Hook is also secured using the chest piece, holding the 2 robot together. Not only that, the chest piece also tabs into both Scavenger and Bonecrusher’s tread, making Devastator’s upper body one solid piece.

The crotch plates are connected to the middle part using swivels to allow hips movement. But as an alternative, Long Haul’s knee joints (lower than Devastator hips) can also be used, giving wider range of movement.

The feet are really solid making Devastator a really stable figure, which is a huge deal considering that has always been a problem with Combiners.

Like I said, Devastator is better off with one solid piece of tray rather than 2 large hollow parts.

I was initially worried about the way the legs are connected but as it turns out, the connection is quite solid.

Sorry as I don’t have any 3rd party combiners anymore for comparison and something wrong with the picture I took comparing Devastator and Metroplex. I can just say that Devastator is at Metroplex’s elbow level.

One thing that I really like about Devastator is how great his playability is, compared to other combiners (official and non-official) I’ve ever played with.

Not only he is stable, Devastator has really strong joints top to bottom. I left him this way for almost half an hour (I was hungry, LOL) and he stayed the same.

There is no peg for the holding the gun so even though the hinge on the fist is tight, the gun will fall off when Devastator in certain poses.

Run Devy Run!

Devastator comes with swivel-jointed head, swivel and hinge on the shoulders and elbows, swivel on the fist, ratchet joint on the waist, [strong] ratchet joint on the hips with swivel joints below them, hinge on the knees and ankle tilt. During the entire session, nothing falls apart or fall off which really surprises me.

Prepare for extermination!

Let us go mode by mode
Alt Mode

– the alt modes are nice homage to G1 version of the team with few changes
– overall really solid and properly executed
– should’ve go with conventional cement mixer for Mixmaster or add more details on the cab so that it is more distinguishable
– the functioning parts are minimal in this mode (eg the crane, shovel) which I think could’ve been done better to add more playability. But this might just be nitpicking

Individual Robot Mode

– captured the aesthetic of G1 Constructicon almost perfectly
– setback on the joints especially Long Haul and Scrapper which to me, ruin the 2 figures
– Long Haul size might bother most but I think it’s necessary for the sake of combiner mode. Also considering Long Haul was depicted to be bigger in IDW continuity, I think I can live with it
– the quality is actually not so different compared to previous IDW Generations releases but due to the large size of the figure,  some of the figures look to have lower quality

Combiner Mode

– Devastator might not be as detailed as other 3rd party releases but seems to have perfect balance between design and playability
– the combination holds up perfectly from top to bottom once you get everything pegs properly
– the sheer size is really impressive, even more so when he could be pose in a lot way, not just standing straight, thanks to the strong joints especially on the hips and waist

My verdict? Will be getting both Hasbro and Takara version…and also SDCC 2015 if I can

Botcon 2015 General Optimus Prime – Pictorial Review

For now, this will be the last review of Botcon 2015 exclusives, haven’t got any plan to acquire any of them in near time. This is a review of General Optimus Prime, a redeco of Generations Roadbuster, a homage to the unreleased G2 General Optimus Prime (would have been a redeco of G2 Dirtbag).
Pic Credit : TFWiki
It was revealed that General Optimus Prime will be part of Botcon 2015 souvenir set, together with Sgt Hound a repaint of Generations Scoop.

Alt Mode

Botcon General Optimus Prime is basically Generations Roadbuster with green military camouflage.

Side View

The paint apps and finishing is nicely done and detailed. Even the rims are fully painted.

Not sure about the others but when I first saw him, the camo itself is not enough to identify him. Luckily, the G2 Autobot logo narrowed down the search.

While the original G2 version transformed into a dumper truck, having a new version of General Optimus Prime that transform into a fully weaponize off-road vehichle is not really a bad choice (personally).

Comparison Shots

Left to Right : Generations Roadbuster, Takara Legends Roadbuster, Cloud Roadbuster, Botcon General Optimus Prime.

Robot Mode

Personally, the alt mode is just okay for me, not bad but not great either. But I’m really surprised how the robot mode turn out to be with G2 General Optimus Prime’s paint scheme.

Side View

Back view

Not only he has the same star on the chest just like the unreleased G2 version, the head sculpt does resembles the original mold which can explain why Roadbuster mold was chosen in the first place.

G2 Dirtbag (mold intended to be used by G2 General Optimus Prime
Pic Credit :


The quality of the figure is pretty much the same as previous variants and the joints are even tighter than my Generations Roadbuster.

I’m not sure how are the weapons are supposed to be attached for him  so I guess we’ll have to wait for the stock photos.

For some, the mold choice might be a turn off, even for a Prime collector but to me, it’s unique as not many Optimus Prime toys that comes with a non-Prime head (as the original G2 figure was).

Group Shots

General Optimus Prime and his army of Roadbusters

Next review, the new titan!

SDCC 2015 Exclusive Transformers Generations : Combiner Hunters Arcee – Pictorial Review

Continuing with Combiner Hunters set, now we’ll proceed with Arcee. Sorry as I don’t have Windblade right now, hopefully will manage to find he in near future.
Just like Chromia, Arcee didn’t come with the large sword and also missing her two guns which I’m not sure whether that’s how she’s supposed to be or not.

Let’s continue.

Alt Mode

The approach for Arcee’s paint scheme is different compared to Chromia. While the latter comes with metallic paint job (on certain parts) and flame/tribal tattoo, Arcee comes in normal black and pink paint scheme.

Side View

Back View
On the back, the paint app is quite minimal. Aside from the pink stripe, there’s literally no other detailing.

Despite lacking detailing on the back, the hood of the car is nicely done with pink, grey and blue stripes.

The swords that she came with is the same as both previous releases.

Comparison Shots

Robot Mode

Black and pink, my favorite pairing. Well…not exactly, basically black color always work for me.

Side View

Back View

There’s another thing that I’m not sure of. Based on promo pictures, the paint on the face is not like mine which is only one-sided. I’ll try and get confirmation as soon as I can. Also, the finishing on the chest is not really clean as there are smudges if you look closely.

I get the idea of her paint scheme but to be honest, it doesn’t really work with this mold.

Arcee’s mold is a bit too feminine, both her face/head sculpt and also her body (especially the big thighs).

Still, some of the poses work though. Not great but good enough.

Comparison Shots

I can easily get behind Chromia’s paint scheme but Arcee is whole nother story. For now, I guess I must conclude the review for the set unless, like I said, I manage to get Windblade in the near future.

Black Plastic Life – SDCC 2015 Exclusive Transformers Generations : Combiner Hunters Chromia

Gallery of SDCC 2015 Exclusive Combiner Hunters Chromia by Black – Plastic -Life

Full review can be found here.

P6131338 P6131339 P6131340 P6131341 P6131344 P6131345 P6131348 P6131350 P6131351 P6131352 P6131353 P6131355 P6131356 P6131357 P6131358 P6131359 P6131361 P6131364 P6131365

SDCC 2015 Exclusive Transformers Generations : Combiner Hunters Chromia – Pictorial Review

Mid of the year, a great time for unknown exclusives. After [supposedly] Botcon 2015 Black Skids review , we will continue with another figure who was at first, thought to be another Botcon exclusive but turn out to be part of a 3-pack Combiner Hunters set, available at San Diego Comic Con 2015. Let us first start with Chromia. However, just to make clear, mine doesn’t come with the big sword (as in promo pictures) nor can I confirmed that the paint scheme is final. 
Pic Credit : Web
Again, the review will be short as it’s a repaint of a figure I reviewed before. The review for normal version of Chromia can be found here .

Alt Mode

The first thing I noticed is the wicked light blue tribal tattoo/flame on the front and the side of the bike. A really nice touch but personally I would’ve prefered for them to extend towards the back.

The overall paint apps can be considered clean and some of them are metallic blue, something that Takara version of this figure should’ve had, just like their releases few years back. The translucent parts are dark red instead of clear (Hasbro Chromia) and light blue (Takara Chromia).

Back View

Really nice touch on the front

Like I said, I don’t have the big sword, only the normal gun just like previous Chromias. And I don’t know if there’s any other extra weapons or accessories that supposed to come with her. Only time will tell.

Group Shots

Compared all three, I think this version of Chromia is the most striking with the best paint application overall.

Robot Mode

Being a direct repaint, there’s nothing different in terms of the transformation and overall, the joints are solid and tight. In robot mode, this version of Chromia has more white and grey compared to the previous 2 variants. The placement of the colors are well-thought-of without any parts looking weird or out of place.

Side View

Back View

Seems like the theme of the set, Chromia’s face comes with carefully done war paint and blue lips. The overall paint apps and finishing for the is quite clean.

Initially, the paint scheme is not something I can get behind of but in hand, she looks okay and very unique.

Group Shots

Gema’s Angels
Let the hunt begin!

Stay tuned for [possibly] Botcon 2015 G2 General Optimus and Combiner Hunters Arcee.

Black Plastic Life – [Possible Botcon 2015 Exclusive] Black Skids

Gallery of Black Skids (Unofficial Name), rumored to be a Botcon 2015 Exclusive figure by Black – Plastic -Life

Full review can be found here.

Botcon 2015 Burn Out – Pictorial Review

This is a gallery and brief review of a figure, rumored to be part of Botcon 2015 exclusive line-up. There’s no official name for him yet, so we’ll just call him Black Skids for now.

*Update : He’s called Burn Out

This variant is said to be a homage to the black Diaclone version of Skids/Crosscut.

Pic Credit : TFWiki

Review of the previous variants can be found below

Alt Mode

Just as the name implied, this variant of Skids comes in black paint app with red highlights nicely put on the side. This is a bit different compared to the Diaclone version where the stripes on the side are yellow rather than red.

Just like IDW Skids, Crosscut and Rollbar, the rims are fully painted unlike normal Generation releases generally.

And just like the others, the paint app on the back are minimum.

The guns that he came with are in light grey unlike Skids that came with dark grey guns.

Group Shots

From left, Hasbro Rollbar, IDW Skids, Black Skids, IDW Crosscut and Takara Rollbar.

Robot Mode

Black and red! Gorgeous! Despite being a straight repaint, I really like how he turn out.

Side View

Back View

Like I said, he is a straight repaint of Skids without any retool. Usually that does bother me but if he really is “Diaclone Skids”, it make sense to retain the original head.

Fold-up shoulder cannons

The paint job on the shoulder missiles is a bit disappointing as the finishing is not really clean. Maybe the official release will be better? 

And just like all the variants after Skids, the thighs are assembled correctly so there’s no problem to his range of movement.

Group Shot

This picture reminded me of why I love mold-collecting!

Botcon is in the air!

Mastermind Creations R10 Salvia Prominon – Pictorial Review

Now, closing on Mastermind Creations’ fembot, the sixth variant homaging one of the Thirteen, R-10 Salvia Prominon aka Not-Solus Prime

Pic Credit : TFWiki

In IDW G1 continuity, Solus Prime is one of the Thirteen, the first Transformers created by Primus. She is known for her phenomenal crafting ability, creating weapons for the other Primes, including the Star Saber and the Matrix of Leadership.

It was said by Nexus Prime that war between the Thirteen and their tribes broke off after Megatronus broken his promise to Solus Prime. She and most of the Thirteen left Cybertron to other planets where Solus Prime resided and started the Caminus Colony.
Reviews of previous variants can be found below
Again, this is the 6th release of the mold hence the review will be very brief.

In Package

Front View

Back View

Comic Book/Instructions Manual

The comic book that comes with Salvia Prominon contained a huge and important plot, tying the fembots with future releases of MMC Not-Decepticon Justice Division (DJD).

Bio Card

Salvia Prominon comes with the most weapons of all the sixth releases. Overall, she comes with the same weapon as Azaleas with addition of her “Forge” Hammer or better known as the Forge of Solus.

In addition to that, Salvia Prominon also comes with an extra pair of wing pieces for R-08Z Zinnia.

Alt Mode

Unlike Eupatorium’s dull paint scheme, Salvia Prominon comes in a rather vibrance and well balanced mixture of gold, light purple and green. The configuration used is the same as Eupatorium with the wings attached to the front part of the alt mode rather than the side.

With this paint app, all the detailing are finally visible, from front to back.

Just like Eupatorium’s energy bow, Salvia Priminon’s hammer can be attached to the back of the alt mode. However, be careful when disassembling the hammer for storage as the handle is attached quite tightly to the head.

Comparison with R-09 Eupatorium

Robot Mode

Honestly, Salvia Prominon is my favorite of all Mastermind Creations’ fembots. However, just like Eupatiorium, Salvia Prominon’s left leg pops off quite easily when transforming between mode, something that I never experienced with the first 4 variants.

Her paint schemes not only work for her alt mode but also robot mode. The gold paint really fitting her persona and ‘Prominon’ status (read : Prime).

Back View
Not only, the translucent light green parts is a really nice touch, enhancing her overall look.

Even though the head sculpt does not accurately representing Solus Prime, MMC did really well designing their own version (and to be fair, I don’t think IDW had ever revealed Solus Prime’s true face).

Comparison with R-09 Eupatorium

Equipped with the “Forge” Hammer, Salvia Prominon really looks great. Paired with her wide range of articulations, she is a really fun figure to play with.

The grip on the hammer is quite loose but not up to the point of it falling off.

The head sculpt, the weapon…does she reminded you of Marvel’s new Thor?

It’s been roughly 1 year since Azalea Stealth Assassin was released (before normal Azalea on November 2014) and Salvia Prominon is a fitting end for the variants (unless there’s more repaints to come). The figure is properly done and despite only having a retooled head and a new weapon, the overall aesthetic is perfect and just like I said, fitting here “Prominon” status.

Mastermind Creations R09 Eupatorium – Pictorial Review

After series of official releases, let us continue with a 3rd party releases, this time by Mastermind Creations. After Cynicus, presenting R-09 Eupatorium, MMC’s take on Elita One (also as Elita-One and Elita-1).

Pic Credit : TFWiki

Just like Optimus Prime, it wasn’t always Elita One. Before the war, the soon-to-be Elita One, Ariel, is a young dockworker and girlfriend of Orion Pax. Due to Orion Pax’s bad judgement call, Ariel was gunned down by Megatron trying to save him which she later was reconstructed by Alpha Trion  as Elita One.

Hunt For The Decepticons Elita-1
Pic Credit : TFWiki

Elita-1 is also the name of one of the 3 sisters appearing in Revenge of the Fallen but let us just forget about her…

Since Eupatorium is a retool of Azalea, this review will be brief. Review of previous usage of the mold can be found below

In Package

Eupatorium comes in a box with the same design as other Reformatted series releases with a artwork of their Not-Elita One on the front.

Back View

Instruction Sheet/Comic Book

Tech Spec

Just like Azalea, Epatorium comes with a flight stand and twin blasters. However, instead of the twin sabers, she comes with an energy bow.

Alt Mode

First, it might be puzzling to see that Eupatorium in alt mode is quite different from the previous variants considering she is just a retool of them. What happened actually is the wing pieces are attached to the front of the alt mode rather than the side making the alt mode looks longer and streamlined.

Side View

All three weapons that comes with her can be attached to the alt mode. While the twin blasters are quite visible, the energy bow can be stored nicely at the back. One thing that bothers me though, the overall paint scheme for Eupatorium made her looks really plain in alt mode, just like Zinnia. Would’ve been better if there’s a bit of detailing on the hood or the cockpit.

Robot Mode

Despite what I said about her plain color scheme in alt mode, she looks quite okay and detailed in robot mode with the combination of red, pink and white. She shares the same mold as previous variants except for a new head.

The lips look a bit weird in some angle of lighting but overall MMC did a good job with her head sculpt. For fans who knew the character, there won’t be a problem recognizing her as Elita One.

Side View

Back View
The quality is pretty much the same but somehow, her left leg keeps on popping off when I’m transforming her between modes. That’s a problem I never had with the previous variants.

Giving her an energy bow is a good decision by MMC, not only because I’m tired seeing the variants packed with the same accessories but also, she looks damn cool using the bow. Eupatorium comes with a ball jointed head, ball jointed shoulders, double-jointed elbows, wrist swivels, ball joints on the thigh, double-jointed knees and ankle swivels/hinges.

As an alternative, the energy bow can also be attached to the blaster forming some sort of crossbow-like weapon.

Like I said, brief review. Next stop, Salvia Prominon herself. Stay tuned!

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