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Toy Review: Flame Toys Transformers 01 Drift (Kuro Kara Kuri)

Transformation video: FansHobby MB-06 Power Baser

toy Review: Iron Factory IF EX-24″C” Cannon Chariot

Toy Review: FansHobby MB-06 Power Baser

Toy Review: Iron Factory IF EX-20F Fangs of Tyranny

Toy Review: Iron Factory IF EX-26 Racing Bros

Toy Review: Bandai Tamashii MIX Giga Armor Series Megaman X

Tekken 7 – Messing around with Geese in Max Mode

Transformation Video: X2Toys XT-010 SkyCrusher (Sky Crusher) Transformation

Toy Review: X2Toys XT-010 SkyCrusher (Sky Crusher)

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