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胡服騎射的變形金剛分享時間700集 新紀錄達成

胡服騎射的變形金剛分享時間699集 Transformers Animated deluxe class Blurr 囉嗦

Transformers Collectors Club – Toy Review

The Evolution Of Takara Masterpiece Part 1 of 2

胡說也要能霸道 台灣媒體 真正的無冕王 胡服騎射FREE TALK

胡服騎射的變形金剛分享時間698集 Robots in Disguise Combiner Force Warrior BLURR 囉嗦

Robot Hero CG-02 Airstrikes KO Oversized Transformers Masterpiece MP11 Starscream

DNA Designs DK-02 Transformers Titans Return Fortress Maximus Upgrade kit

Toy Review: FansToys Ft-16 Sovereign

Video Review – Transformers: TItans Return – Deluxe PERCEPTOR w/ Convex

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