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Skullface Looks at the X2 Toys Gemini Set

Skullface looks at the Gemini set (furrow and rotor) from x2 toys. We look at the figures, accessories and what it means to actually transform in to something.


Black Plastic Life – Generations Leader Class Megatron Gallery

Gallery of Generations Leader Class Megatron

Full review can be found here.

Star to Star Toys News Recap – 09/02/2015

News Recap – 09/02/2015

by Star to Star Toys

Skullface Looks At Combiner Wars Dragstrip

skull face takes a look at combiner wars dragstrip. We look at the figure, the accessories, and talk about the evolution of a character.


Skullface Finally Looks at Troll

skullface takes w look at unique toys troll, their homage to terrorcon Blot. We look at the figure, modes, accessories, and provide a PSA.


A quick look at Armarauders Bellerophon

Fresh in is a sample of the first in the Armurauders lines of Mecha toys

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The Skullface Quantron Series Concludes

Skullface takes a look at the combined Quantron. Maketoys homage to Technobot combiner computron. We look at the gestalt, accessories, and conclude our therapy sessions.


Gutter Pre-Orders Now Up At The Chosen Prime!

GigaPower Guttur



Gigapower is coming to the merket with their Master Robots Series, the first piece being Guttur. Based on G1 Dinobot Snarl, Guttur will stand an Impressive 13 inches tall! Coming in in February 2015.


First – Metallic paint version with the following accessories:

1. Gun
2. canon
3. sword
4. transparent cap for head
5. transparent cap for neck
6. alternative face/head
7. flame for sword
8. flame for gun
9-12: flame for feet.


This and much can be found over at The Chosen Prime be sure to check them out Click here to visit their site!

Skullface Quantron series continues with Blindfire

skullface continues the Quantron series with Blindfire, maketoys homage to Technobot scattershot. We look at the figure, accessories, modes and continue therapy.


GigaPower HQ-03 Guttur Masterpiece Snarl

What a monstrous Dino, I take a look at the first offering at the Masterpiece Table from GigaPower.

How does it fair against the already established Fanstoys?

Click on the video below to find out.

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Latest Diaclone

Diaclone and Diaclone Reboot Diabattles V2 found here!

Latest Macross

Latest Macross / Robotech galleries, news, and reviews!