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Skullface Begins His Quantron Series With Over Heat

Skullface takes a look at OverHeat, Maketoys homage to After Burner from their Quantron (Computron) set. He looks at the figure, accessories, transforms to all modes and see his therapist.


Kuma Style Format Tests

Kuma Style Formatting Tests

Skullface Takes A Look At Arcee

Skullface takes a look at the highly anticipated Hasbro Generations Arcee. We look at the figure, accessories, transform from bot to car, and discuss some of the… “Issues” related to this figure in the fandom.

Black Plastic Life – KO MP10A Convoy (BAPE Version)


Gallery of KO MP10A Convoy (BAPE Version)

Full review can be found here.

Skullface Reviews Iron Factory IF-EX02 Turrets & Manacle

Skullface takes a look at Iron Factory Turrets & Manacle. He looks at the figures, accessories and transformations.


HEROCROSS Hasbro HMF 015 Optimus Prime

Standing 16cm tall and weighing in at 300g This Hasbro Licensed product comes complet with 6 Interchangeable Hands, Dual Energon Swords, Ion Blaster and with more than 20 Alloy parts making this figure up it truly is a Super Deformed Masterpiece

Fansproject LER-02 Cubrar w/ Tekour – Pictorial Review



Gallery of Fansproject LER-02 Cubrar with Tekour.

The full review can be found here.



Star to Star Toys News Recap – 26/01/15

News Recap – 26/01/15

by Star to Star Toys

Unique Toyys O-02 Alberich (Rippersnapper)

Skullface takes a look at Unique Toys Alberich, their homage to g1 terrorcon Rippersnapper. He looks at the figure, accessories, tranforms from bot to limb to shark, and talks about beast kibble.


brave’s Toy Review MP-21 BumbleBee

MP-21 BumbleBee

by brave’s Toy Review

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