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Skullface Does Some Home Improvement, And Looks At Toyworlds Highway

we start looking at the last 3 of Toyworlds throttlebots, starting with Highway. We look at the figure, modes and accessories and do some home improvement


Skullface Looks At Wildrid… I Mean Brake… Something.

We look at the 5th proper stunticon and take out some frustrations on an innocent bot.


Skullface Looks At First Aid And Does Some Quick Customizing

we take a look at the figure, modes, accessories and show some quick easy customizing



Skullface Looks At SXS Overclocking

we take a look at the figure, modes, and talk about the issues with being a 3rd party collector.


Skullface Starts CW Wave 3 With Rook

skullface starts wave 3 of combiner wars with Rook. We look at the figure, modes, and talk about connection to characters vs excitement


Skullface Looks At Apollyon And Shows A Hidden Character In The Elbow

Skullface takes a look at x-transbots latest offering. We look at the figure, modes, and talk about things that look like they should fit but don’t.



Skullface Goes To The Park… And Looks At DX9 Chigurh

with so many people on the fence for this one I figured I better take a look. We’ll look at the figure, modes, accessories and talk about bummers at ammusement parks.



Skullface Finishes The Warbotron Set With The Upgrade

skullface looks at the upgrade set for warbotron and critiques his own work.



Skullface Looks At This Big Mamma-Jamma

Skullface looks at this highly anticipated combined form of warbotron. And we talk about combiner anxiety.


Skullface Looks At Warbotron Fierce Attack

skullface looks at warbotron fierce attack. The truck, the bot, and talks about those last hours at work before the weekend.


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