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Skullface Looks At The PE Upgrades For Combiner Wars

Skullface is strong armed into combining Menasor Once again.



Skullface TFCon Toronto 2015 Wrap Up

Skullface walks us through his experiences at TFCon Toronto 2015



Skullface Looks At Warbotrons Latest

skullface looks at the figure, accessories and talks about talking 3rd party


Skullface Looks At G-Creations Thunderous

Skullface looks at this beast by request. We look at the figure, modes, accessories, play peek-a-boo, and talk about the importance of joints.





Skullface looks at Maketoys copula

skullface solves the scale dilemma 😉 and looks at the figure, accessories and so on.


Skullface Looks At Fanstoys Sever

Skullface shows us how to argue with your wife LIKE A CHAMP! Oh… And looks at a toy too.


Skullface Looks At Fanstoys Latest

skullface is back from vacation and checking out Fanstoys Tesla


Skullface Looks At Slingshot Or Quickslinger Or Not Alpha Bravo… whatever

Skullface looks at combiner wars slingshot aka Quickslinger and tells a joke 😉



Skullface Looks At Streetwise

Skullface Looks At Combiner Wars Streetwise And Does Some Customizing.


Skullface’s Goodbye Shoutout to Underbase Podcast!

Very sad to hear that the underbase is going to be going on hiatus shortly. But life gets in the way of nerd hobbies I guess. Either way I’ll miss Adam and his crew with their super attention to detail and critical analysis week in and week out of various transformers related comics. For those not in the know, be sure to check out their back catalogue of podcasts on iTunes. Looking forward to their return. Best wishes. – Skullface

Underbase – iTunes: Here

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