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Skullface Goes To The Park… And Looks At DX9 Chigurh

with so many people on the fence for this one I figured I better take a look. We’ll look at the figure, modes, accessories and talk about bummers at ammusement parks.



Skullface Finishes The Warbotron Set With The Upgrade

skullface looks at the upgrade set for warbotron and critiques his own work.



Skullface Looks At This Big Mamma-Jamma

Skullface looks at this highly anticipated combined form of warbotron. And we talk about combiner anxiety.


Skullface Looks At Warbotron Fierce Attack

skullface looks at warbotron fierce attack. The truck, the bot, and talks about those last hours at work before the weekend.


Skullface Looks At Gigapower Guttur

we look at Gigapower Guttur. Modes, accessories and give size comparisons that matter ;).


Skullface Looks At Fansprojects Latest Effort

Skullface looks at fansproject volar. We look at the modes, accessories and talk about being a sucker for punishment.


Skullface is Owned By His Wife… and He Looks At MMC Cynicus lol

Skullface looks at MMC Cyncius. He looks at the figure, modes, accessories, and addresses the… Size issue…



Skullface Looks At CW Superion

skullface looks at combiner wars superion. We look at the bots, alt modes, combined mode, but remain haunted by old spirits.


Skullface Dances… and Looks At Megatron

Skull face dances and looks at Hasbro’s combiner wars leader class Megatron. We look at the robot and the tank and show a little gratitude


Skullface Looks At CW Menasor… Mercy Is For The Weak!!!

Skullface looks at CW Menasor and looses his cool… But only for a second. We look at the bots, alt modes, combined mode and make a bizarre comparison.


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