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Trans5mers Deluxe Cogman Premiere Edition (Transformers The Last Knight) – Vangelus Review 397

Thunder Erebus MTCD-03SP (Maketoys Cross Dimension) – Vangelus Review 396

SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Genm Zombie Gamer Level X – Vangelus Review 395

Open and Play Big Spring – Vangelus Review 394

Maas Toys CT001TFN Rune – Vangelus Review 393-R

Maas Toys CT001 Skiff – Vangelus Review 393

Vlog – TFcon DC is Imminent – Sept 28 2017

TFcon Toronto 2017 – Why Do We Enjoy the Toy? Thinking Beyond the Buy

Prize Inside parts for Spensor the Dewbot – V-Paint 02

Rotating Cannons – Vangelus Review 392-X

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