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Vlog – Last Knight’s Hot Takes on Trans5mers – June 21 2017

ACE-03 Trident ACE Collectables (Pre-Production Test Shot) – Prototype Playtime 05

MMC Reformatted Alpha (Hand-Painted Test Shot) – Prototype Playtime 04

Titans Return Deluxe Mindwipe (Transformers Generations) – Vangelus Review 383

Vlog – My Camera Died A Lot Making This – May 29-30 2017

Titans Return Legends Wheelie (Transformers Generations) – Vangelus Review 382

Deluxe Barricade Premiere Edition (Transformers: The Last Knight) – Vangelus Review 381

Live Workshop Exercise Adventure – YouTube Space Toronto – May 17 2017

UPDATE: Topspin’s Mysterious Slots – Vangelus Review 377-X

Titans Return Deluxe Chromedome (Transformers Generations) – Vangelus Review 380

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