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TF-Prototype Updates Summer 2017

TF-Prototype Update Plans

So much going in so let’s start with Renderform as they have recently put up a bunch of pre-orders with test shots showing off their newest creations. Soul of Chogokin section has had plenty of updates lately with several recent releases such as Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, and of course a new MMPR section has been added to our site. Our Voltron and Macross both have also had a lot of recent updates once again mainly due to good ol Bandai and Soul of Chogokin.

Sponsors section has been reworked over many various changes. Our Feeds are also working differently than previous versions of TF-Prototype. We will be conducting a few on site experiments to help us gather the best information as quickly as possible.

Hope you enjoy the changes over the next week or so, many are already in place and you most of guys never even noticed. 🙂
The TFP Team

Not even our Final Form ((Site Updates) Finally)!

Final Form Explained (Site Updates & Automation)

TF-Prototype is updating its format and existing content. The planned construction will continue throughout the next week but we will never have downtime.

We are proudly adding Gundam, Voltron, Voltes V, Danguard Ace, and many many other super robots and mecha anime favorites.

What we have started has grown into a database that is searched by hundreds of users daily to find content they are looking for no matter how long we go quiet… This is amazing and we thank you! We have no way to show our gratitude other than this post and to add as much content and improve upon what is there.

We have been testing automation for over a year now as many of us just like to create. We feel we are now ready to release this on to the public and allow it to work unhindered. It will be a somewhat simplified version of what we originally hoped but this allows us to test out some new minimalist view designs that we believe are much needed for TFP.

Some of these upcoming changes are being tested on our site and have been throughout the day. You are welcome to come visit and check them out or even leave us some feedback. We thank you guys for making us what we are today, until are one…

The TFP Team

Artwork found on Google with various sources. We thank them.

TF-Prototype Tests Incoming!

We will be testing several features on our site over the next few hours and probably throughout the night. We are hoping by tomorrow everything will be back to normal and better with a constant flow of (all types of) Transformers news. Thank you for your support!

TF-Prototype’s Flap Jack Tech Specs

Flap Jack


Flap Jack™
Base Commander & Communications

“No, it’s the team!”

Flap Jack prefers to stay shrouded in mystery as very little is known about him. He would much rather be dealing with communications and data transmission but his dedication, diplomacy, and knowledge have earned him 2nd Commander status with his fellow team mates. Flap Jack prefers to avoid conflict and will go out of his way to avoid it. Instead he uses his skills to rationalize situations and make the best of them.

Dedication to the cause is his only know weakness.

  We will try to cover a different member each week until the  Tech Spec collection is complete.

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TF-Prototype Web Site Update!

TF-Prototype just updated their web site integrating Facebook so now users  can sign in with one click using their Facebook accounts. Users will no longer need to sign up for an account to make profiles or comment on articles.



TF-Prototype Exclusive U.NEM Studios Terminus Hexatron Gallery

Mastermind Creations’ Terminus Hexatron (Super Nova)

by U.Nem Studios

To celebrate 3,000 likes on Facebook U.Nem Studios has helped us pick the perfect gift for all the fans as a thank you for the support and making us what we are. – TF-Prototype Team (Reposted due to Web Site Error)


We Are Now Weibo, Sina, QQ Friendly And In ALL Languages!

In All Languages and Weibo, Sina, QQ Friendly!

That is right you can now read your favorite article in your native language thanks to Google Translator or even share your favorite post and images to your preferred social sites. Remember you can also sign up leave comments, upload profiles pictures, galleries, statues updates, add friends, and once again share to you favorite social network. Join now as TF-Prototype  speeds ahead!

Ignition Systems Prepping, Are you ready?

Are You Ready?

by Tec

I know we’re we kind of quiet for awhile but just all part of the plan it was needed down time for everyone and to pull this off… is about to be full-speed ahead and not that faster pace we once had…. I mean light-speed I hope you all are ready, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.


New Warbotron Sly Strike Up & User Database Issues!

We are finally getting some external things caught up now that internals are top notch. We did how ever lose a lot of user database information and we apologize for this but now everything is deployed and open to the public including the all new TF-Classifieds where you can post items for sale or even buy for free. Check it out expect more galleries throughout the day and pleaseSign back up!


Facebook 2k Likes!

We broke over two thousand likes on Facebook today and wanted to thank everyone who supported us and made us what we are today and even better yet, what we will become tomorrow. Thank you for the sponsors who supported us, the people who followed us, the people who liked us, and even the Transformers Universe players that followed and killed us… We thank YOU!

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