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Wei Jiang Alcee – Arcee

This was definitely an impulse purchase born out of curiosity. As a Voyager-scaled stand-in on a CHUG display, Wei Jiang Alcee is more than adequate. She definitely does not hold together as well in vehicle mode when compared to Generations Arcee. I think some tabs are missing when compared to her official counterpart. The console […]

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Dx9toys X-14 Leah (Arcee Legends Class)!

Dx9toys War in Pocket X-14 Leah

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SDCC 2015 Exclusive Transformers Generations : Combiner Hunters Arcee – Pictorial Review

Continuing with Combiner Hunters set, now we’ll proceed with Arcee. Sorry as I don’t have Windblade right now, hopefully will manage to find he in near future. Just like Chromia, Arcee didn’t come with the large sword and also missing her two guns which I’m not sure whether that’s how she’s supposed to be or […]

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DMH releases their Latest Finished Transformer Piece

Defending Our Myths And Heroes releases their latest finished piece: “Arcee the Riveter.” All merch can be purchased through private message on their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/mythsandheroes

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Skullface Takes A Look At Arcee

Skullface takes a look at the highly anticipated Hasbro Generations Arcee. We look at the figure, accessories, transform from bot to car, and discuss some of the… “Issues” related to this figure in the fandom.

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Never mess with Arcee… by Oscar Fung

Just another day til.. by Oscar Fung

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Mastermind Creations R08* Azalea Asterisk Mode

Thanks to DaimChoc, we have some pictures of the Mastermind Creations, Convention exclusive,  R-08* Azalea Asterisk Mode. Enjoy the pictures.  

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