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Voodoo Robots Courage Potion TFCon Black Version (Diaclone Homage)

I have always stood by my MP HasTak Transformers but had an ever growing love for 3P (3rd Party) and it would be hard to deny how amazingly detailed this has shaped up to be. My MP version may have to sit in a box as this was how my Ironhide looked as a kid, […]

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Botcon 2015 Burn Out – Pictorial Review

This is a gallery and brief review of a figure, rumored to be part of Botcon 2015 exclusive line-up. There’s no official name for him yet, so we’ll just call him Black Skids for now. *Update : He’s called Burn Out This variant is said to be a homage to the black Diaclone version of […]

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