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Mech iDeas update

We  just recently received some colored images of Mech iDeas’ Techno Toon Titans Bluster & Trench, as well as Gauntlet and Piston, via weibo. We hope to see more pictures soon.    

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Mech iDeas Techo Toon Titans Bluster & Trench up for pre-order

If you’re into TF Animated, then you’re in for a treat. The upcoming Techno Toon Titans Bluster & Trench from Mech iDeas are now up for pre-order over at PlanetSteelExpress. Check them out. http://www.planetsteelexpress.com/TTT01/

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Mech iDeas Techno Toon Titans Bluster and Trench

Planet Steel Express has just put the the pre-order for the Mech iDeas 2-pack of Bluster and Trench. This looks to be a store exclusive. So, if you want a set, head over to their store.

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