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MAAS Toys – Skiff (War Within BumbleBee)

Skiff (War Within BumbleBee) by MAAS Toys

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Takara Tomy MP-21R Bumblebee Red Body [Cybertron Satellite Limited]

Information below translated from original source. [Cybertron Satellite Limited Edition] MP-21R Bumble Red body late December appearance! Than Masterpiece series, Bumble Red body appeared in the Cybertron satellite limited edition! The completely deformed from Volkswagen Beetle (aka Beetle) vehicle mode with licensed copies of the robot mode. Source can be viewed here.

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Q-Transformers QT-02 Bumblebee and QT-08 Bumble – Pictorial Review

Just for fun, I’m doing a review of a new Japan Transformers line, Q-Transformers, that was launched late 2014. Q-Transformers is, in a way, a continuation of Choro-Q line and exhibit similar design of super-deformed characters that transform into fully licensed vehicles. The cartoon series, Q-Transformers : Mystery of Convoy Returns was released in support […]

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Prototype faces for MP-21 Bumblebee from Dr Wu

Dr Wu just posted some updates from their weibo page. They’ve shown a G1 and IDW faces for MP-21Bumblebee. Check the prototype pictures shown below.    

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Vector Sigma – Cybertronian mini figures

New 3rd Party group Vector Sigma mini figures, as posted by SpikeArt on Weibo. The non-transformable  figures include Bumblebee & Wheeljack with Energy Rods, Thundercracker, Skywarp, and a test shot of Soundwave in lamp mode with Laserbeak. Check out the test shots.  

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Takara Masterpiece MP-21 Bumblebee with Spike in Exosuit

We mostly report on 3rd party news, but we can’t help but share these official images out. These came from the Amazon Japan listing for MP-21. Check out the pictures that we’ve mirrored for you. http://tinyurl.com/mp21bumblebee  

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Kids Logic SD Transformers Figures

The Latest offering from Kids Logic. These are official Transformers figures, though non-transforming, they still pack a punch. We are also waiting on a teased Megatron figure. Check them out: Optimus Prime, Bumblee, Starscream, Soundwave, Grimlock, and Nemesis Prime  

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Masterpiece Spike with Exosuit tweet by Shogo Hasui

Shogo Hasui tweeted some details about the upcoming release of Masterpiece Bumblebee. It’ll come with Spike in his Exosuit. While the Exosuit is small, it’s articulated to have some action poses, as well as it can transform to its vehicle mode.   11月発売予定のMP-21 バンブルには、エクセルスーツを装着したスパイクが付属します。 小スケールながらも、ビークルモードへ差し替えなしで完全変形するほか、いくらかポージングも可能となっています。#TT_TF pic.twitter.com/B5OVatymdF — Shogo Hasui (@Hasui_TF) March 20, 2014

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