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Mastermind Creations Boreas – Cyclonus

Mastermind Creations Boreas – CyclonusJaegertron is my least favorite of Mastermind Creations offerings. I don’t dislike the figure, but I’m not as fond of it as others in the line. Boreas doesn’t bring anything new to the sculpt to change my opinion on it, but I still enjoy the figure.I like his space fighter mode […]

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Toyworld Combustor – Ramjet

The one thing I have always enjoyed about Toyworld is that their figures are usually playable. They may not always have my favorite aesthetic amongst the various offerings, but I don’t worry about breaking them either. Except for one thing, Toyworld Combustor could easily replace Masterpiece Ramjet in my Masterpiece collection. His jet mode looks […]

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Mastermind Creations Kultur – Tarn

Does anyone else miss the window boxes of previous Mastermind Creation releases? They’ve really been wowing me with each new figure. Kultur is no exception. He is a great representation of the leader of the Decepticon Justice Division. I like the look of this H-tank. It is simultaneously sleek and menacing. There is plenty of […]

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Transform Mission Carnage – Breakdown

Transform Mission Carnage – Breakdown The second entry in Transform Mission’s Stunticons has a stunning looking vehicle mode and an IDW-inspired robot mode. I enjoyed their Disorder figure. Carnage scratches that same itch. He looks absolutely fantastic in vehicle mode. Panel lines are kept to a bare minimum. Is he an accurate Lamborghini? I wouldn’t […]

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DMH Unveils Their Latest Piece: Galvatron

Defending Our Myths And Heroes releases their latest piece. Galvatron finished. Prints and merch available here. http://store.mythsandheroes.com/products/galvatron

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Skullface Looks At Apollyon And Shows A Hidden Character In The Elbow

Skullface takes a look at x-transbots latest offering. We look at the figure, modes, and talk about things that look like they should fit but don’t.    

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Intimidator Arm Filler Kit Anyone?

skullface takes a quick, straight forward, no frills look at the arm filler kit for intimidator.  

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Skullface Looks At Combiner Wars Motormaster… This May Not End Well…

skullface looks at hasbro combiner wars motormaster. We look at the figure, modes, accessories and talk about face sculpts  

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DMH Decepticon Justice Division

Defending our Myths and Heroes (DMH) unveiled this piece in the 4th quarter of 2014. The Decepticon Justice Division. Prints and other merchandise available through their Facebook page. Just search “defending our myths and heroes”

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