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Mastermind Creations R12* Cynicus Asterisk Mode (Convention Exclusive) In Stock via The Chosen Prime

Mastermind Creations R-12* Cynicus Asterisk Mode We have a limited number of stock for MMC’s R-12* Cynicus Asterisk Mode. Fresh from TFCon Charlotte. We’ll start shipping this out on Monday, October 26th. Make sure to click on the image above or use the form at the bottom of post. Thank you for choosing The Chosen […]

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Mastermind Creations – Reformatted R-12 – Cynicus (Investigator)

Here’s a gallery from U.NEM Studios for Mastermind Creations’ Cynicus. We hear that it’s an awesomely articulated figure and these photos show. Looks pretty fun. Do check out the rest of U.NEM Studios galleries.

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Black Plastic Life – Mastermind Creations R12 Cynicus

Gallery of Mastermind Creations R-12 Cynicus by Black – Plastic -Life Full review can be found here.

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Mastermind Creations R12 Cynicus – Pictorial Review

Now, let us venture into another subgroup in IDW continuity, the infamous Decepticon Justice Division (DJD). Decepticon Justice DivisionPic Credit : TFWiki The DJD is a small unit in the Decepticon army, consisting small number of bots carrying Decepticon’s ‘justice’. Being Megatron’s enforcer, they act based on the The List, containing names of traitors, deserters […]

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Skullface is Owned By His Wife… and He Looks At MMC Cynicus lol

Skullface looks at MMC Cyncius. He looks at the figure, modes, accessories, and addresses the… Size issue…    

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DMH Decepticon Justice Division

Defending our Myths and Heroes (DMH) unveiled this piece in the 4th quarter of 2014. The Decepticon Justice Division. Prints and other merchandise available through their Facebook page. Just search “defending our myths and heroes”

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MMC’s April Fools joke is not really a joke?

Well, we’ve seen Mastermind Creations pull off some cool April Fools Jokes, but it looks like they are actually hinting on a new character.   We know that it seems to be similar to one that Ariel Lemon designed and released via Shapeways. It’s called Faceoff the Abstergent . Though, Ariel did post that this […]

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