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Project Seven Stars Update – Josh Perez and More!

Project Seven Stars has been shrouded by secrecy with few details scattered across social media sites. Josh Perez has since been confirmed and of course we’re sure Alex Milne is not far behind.  Here is a direct quote and image from Project Seven Stars Facebook page: “Project Seven Stars✨combiner’s arm components and their alternate modes. These tandem […]

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Armarauders – Mecha Mail 005 September 2015

MECHA MAIL 005 – September 2015 Welcome to Mecha Mail — the official Armarauders newsletter. Armarauders: The Last Battalion Motion Comic Episode II is finally here! Armarauders: The Last Battalion (Motion Comic) – Episode II アーマローダーズ:最後の大隊(モーションコミック)– エピソード II  阿马罗德斯《Armarauders》: 最後一個大隊(動態漫畫)– 第2集  Visit our new “Download Section” to download comics, original soundtrack, papercraft models and more! The Bellerophon Toys are coming! […]

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Armarauders Don Figueroa Current Bio

  Name: Don Figueroa • Co-Creator and Producer of Armarauders • Illustrator of Armarauders • Mechanical Designer Country: United States Motto: A talented mechanical designer and illustrator, Figueroa worked with Hasbro with designing their Transformers: Titanium line before working on the Transformers Henkei figures. Many of these overall designs were folded into Hasbro’s Transformers: Universe series which remains popular in North America to this […]

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Latest Diaclone

Diaclone and Diaclone Reboot Diabattles V2 found here!

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