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DX9 D-06T Terror Gallery

I have to say this thing looks even better than the original release to me. Check out the gallery below.

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DX9Toys D07 Tyrant, new images.

DX9Toys D07 Tyrant DX9Toys has posted some new images for their upcoming figure, D07 Tyrant. Get your pre-orders in by clicking on the image above or using the form at the bottom. Check out the rest of the pictures and then check out at the store. Thanks for choosing The Chosen Prime! Share:Share on Facebook […]

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Dx9 Toys D-06 Carry – New Images Released

D-06 Carry by Dx9 Toys Images gathered from Otaku-fest Peru Facebook user. This is our first look at Dx9 Toys Rodimus Prime figure named “Carry”

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Ages 3+ Up Product Updates!

Product Updates February 28, 2015   MP-25 Masterpiece Tracks Pre-order Available! DX9 – Chigurh Pre-order available! TOYWORLD Evila STAR Just Arrived! TOYWORLD – TW-D02 MUDDY Just Arrived! FANSPROJECT – LER-03 – VOLAR AND VELOS Preorder Now! FANSPROJECT – FUNCTION X-V M.A.D.L.A.W Just Arrived! New Arrivals CV-001 – War Axe Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Voyager Series […]

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Dx9 Toys To Make Carry “2nd Autobot Leader” (Updated Again)

Dx9 Toys – Carry UPDATE Dx9 Toys showed off teaser images of an upcoming release which they named “Carry” which appears to be the silhouette of Hot Rod / Rodimus Prime. Why the name Carry seemed to be a topic of debate but popular theories are because he carries the matrix or it could possibly […]

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Skullface Reviews Dx9 Toys D-03 Invisible (Mirage)

Dx9 Toys Invisible by Skullface Skullface takes a look at the latest offering from DX9 Toys D-03 Invisible. An homage to Transformers autobot Mirage. He looks at the figure, accessories, transforms him from bot to car and expresses the issue with the heels.

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Dx9 Toys – War in Pocket (Massive Gallery)

War in Pocket by Dx9 Toys Thanks to Crasher for compiling this gallery. Credits: Bape, Uranus, Other Various Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 (Bape) Set 4 Set 6 (Uranus)

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Dx9 Toys D03i Invisible Gallery

D03i Invisible by Dx9 Toys These images were released moments ago on Facebook teasing their upcoming figure. ng homage to Mirage. Check out gallery below.

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