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New Images of Dx9toys Tyrant!

These were found on over seas social media sites courtesy of .

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Transformers Titan Returns Images via Toyark

Below are various images showing off Hardhead, Galvatron, Bruticus, and more.

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DX9Toys D07 Tyrant, new images.

DX9Toys D07 Tyrant DX9Toys has posted some new images for their upcoming figure, D07 Tyrant. Get your pre-orders in by clicking on the image above or using the form at the bottom. Check out the rest of the pictures and then check out at the store. Thanks for choosing The Chosen Prime! Share:Share on Facebook […]

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DMH Unveils Their Latest Piece: Galvatron

Defending Our Myths And Heroes releases their latest piece. Galvatron finished. Prints and merch available here. http://store.mythsandheroes.com/products/galvatron

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DX9Toys X-05 Cyclonus

DX9Toys has been banging up some great releases. Here’s an upcoming figure in their War in Pocket series, X-05, Legends scaled Cyclonus. They haven’t released the name yet, but we’ll keep tabs on it and report as soon as we get more information. From what we’ve heard, this will come with X-06 (Galvatron).  

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Latest Diaclone

Diaclone and Diaclone Reboot Diabattles V2 found here!

Latest Macross

Latest Macross / Robotech galleries, news, and reviews!