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GigaPower HQ-03r Guttur Chrome!

GigaPower HQ-03r Guttur Chrome GigaPower just released these images via social media showing off their latest Guttur Chrome test and it looks amazing. Below is the statement issues with the images. “Hello everybody. Already 1661 fans here. Time flies. Thank you all for your support. Here are photos of our GIGA POWER HQ03R Guttur chrome […]

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Transformers News Recap 04/05/2015 – Inc. Thailand Toy Expo

It’s the 40th Episode! Covered in this episode: HASBRO – In package images CW Quickslinger & Brake Neck C/O Robot Kingdom – Andrew Griffith posted concept art for the upcoming Leader Class Magnus’s chest/ Minimus Ambus cockpit: http://glovestudiosart.tumblr.com/post/117815829762/so-a-while-back-i-got-to-work-a-bit-on-an-upcoming – Weisheng shared in hand images Robots in Disguise One Step Thunderhoof – Thanks to Osenator & […]

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Skullface Looks At Gigapower Guttur

we look at Gigapower Guttur. Modes, accessories and give size comparisons that matter ;).  

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GigaPower HQ-03 Guttur Sword & Battery Fix

HQ-03 Guttur Sword & Battery Fix by GigaPower Posted by Jangoclone of TFW2005.  

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GigaPower Guttur Hip Issue Update

Guttur Hip Issue Update by GigaPower GigaPower recently released this on Facebook social media website. “The hip issue update Eventhough the screws in the hips may be shorter than intended, they still should work fine if screwed in all the way. If you have wobbly hips, you can try to repair them as they are […]

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Star to Star Toys News Recap – 09/02/2015

News Recap – 09/02/2015 by Star to Star Toys

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Shattered Cast Uncut Notes On GigaPower Gaudenter

GigaPower HQ-05 Gaudenter GigaPower is on a roll first with Guttur reviews pouring in and now Gaudenter looking good and the company’s public communication seems to be some of the best around right now. Shattered Cast Uncut released this on their Facebook page and we think it worth a mention: “Gigapower Master Robots HQ -05 Swoop. They […]

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Update From GigaPower!

GigaPower Update Less than an hour ago GigaPower released this statement onto their Facebook page. “Just taking a break from busy production, I thought I could share some of my thoughts that I have been dying to share with you. We have been receiving a lot of positive comments here on our facebook and elsewhere […]

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Gutter Pre-Orders Now Up At The Chosen Prime!

GigaPower Guttur Preorders Gigapower is coming to the merket with their Master Robots Series, the first piece being Guttur. Based on G1 Dinobot Snarl, Guttur will stand an Impressive 13 inches tall! Coming in in February 2015. Details: First – Metallic paint version with the following accessories: 1. Gun 2. canon 3. sword 4. transparent […]

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GigaPower HQ-03 Guttur Masterpiece Snarl

What a monstrous Dino, I take a look at the first offering at the Masterpiece Table from GigaPower. How does it fair against the already established Fanstoys? Click on the video below to find out.

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