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TFP Review: MB-06 Power Baser by Fans Hobby (Masterpiece Optimus Prime / Ginrai)

MB-06 Power Baser by Fans Hobby Fans Hobby: Fans Hobby may be one of the newer companies on the scene but now on their 7th release (counting special editions) new or not they are one of the strongest companies in the Transformer third party market. They have maintained a strong relationship with the fans. Fans Hobby […]

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Fans Hobby: MB-06 MasterBuilder – Power Baser

MB-06 – MasterBuilder: Power Baser by Fans Hobby MB-06 Name: POWER BASER Height: 320mm Main materials: ABS & Metal Alloy Accessories: Blaster rifle x 2, double barrelled canon x 2, Mini figure x 1 Feature: High pose-ability, scale fits to MP collection, LED Lighted Eyes *Shipping will start on: End of October, 2017* **Special gift […]

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X2Toys – IDW Orion Pax Add On to make Powermaster / Godmaster Optimus Prime

IDW Orion Pax Add On Updated, Powermaster / Godmaster Orion Grows Up X2Toys X2 Toys has something up their sleeve, that little guy looks awfully familiar. Hi-Q (or Ginrai, depending where you grew up) was Powermaster Optimus Prime’s engine component that enabled the toy and the anime truck to transform known as a Powermaster (or Godmaster, […]

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NOT EM Gokin God Ginrai in the works?

Thanks to @AlanMoriguchi on Twitter, it looks like we have some pictures of what looks to be a God Ginrai from Art Storm’s EM Gokin line.

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