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Invisible (Mirage) by Dx9 Replacement Head by Printformers

“Prototype of my replacement head for DX-9 Invisible Mirage. It is based on the cartoon look and made to fit the MP aesthetic.” Quoted from Printformers Facebook page. You can visit by clicking here.

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Skullface Reviews Dx9 Toys D-03 Invisible (Mirage)

Dx9 Toys Invisible by Skullface Skullface takes a look at the latest offering from DX9 Toys D-03 Invisible. An homage to Transformers autobot Mirage. He looks at the figure, accessories, transforms him from bot to car and expresses the issue with the heels.

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Dx9 Toys D03i Invisible Gallery

D03i Invisible by Dx9 Toys These images were released moments ago on Facebook teasing their upcoming figure. ng homage to Mirage. Check out gallery below.

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