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Transformers News Recap – 25/05/2015

  Covered in this episode: TAKARA – Preview images MP-26 Road Rage & comparison pics. – More images & info Unite Warriors UW-03 Guardian/Defensor with Deluxe Groove C/O Daim Choc. – TFYuki tweeted images LG-13 Megatron – Armada Megatron revealed & comparison pics – TFYuki tweeted images Scourge/Black Convoy & comparison pics thanks to Cheem. […]

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Transformers News Recap 04/05/2015 – Inc. Thailand Toy Expo

It’s the 40th Episode! Covered in this episode: HASBRO – In package images CW Quickslinger & Brake Neck C/O Robot Kingdom – Andrew Griffith posted concept art for the upcoming Leader Class Magnus’s chest/ Minimus Ambus cockpit: http://glovestudiosart.tumblr.com/post/117815829762/so-a-while-back-i-got-to-work-a-bit-on-an-upcoming – Weisheng shared in hand images Robots in Disguise One Step Thunderhoof – Thanks to Osenator & […]

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U.Nem Studios Classics Metroplex (MakeToys Utopia)

Classics Metroplex (MakeToys Utopia) by Unicron Nemesis Studios      

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Rik Alvarez- Play With This Too

We talked with Rik Alvarez of the newly formed toy/collectable company called, Play With This Too. We talk about our fun at PalmCon 2014 and we dive into our ToyBox to talk about our latest toys. THE POW WOW SHOW #353 Play With This Too,  is a small company formed by individuals with multiple years […]

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TF Expo 2014

Jorge Rodriguez is back from vacation, Luis talks with Phil Searle of TF-Expo 2014, August 1-3 and #SDCC news. Luis is Joe Daddy less tonight and not a pretty girl in sight, Damn. Maybe next time 🙂 THE POW WOW SHOW #345

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TF Galaxy Radio #2

We talked with Shapeways designer, Chroma Hands. Yul talked about #SDCC and TJ jumped in to complete the Three Amigos. Some Hasbro bashing with loving intentions. Please take it in the spirit in which its intended. Stay up to date and rolling with us every Monday night 9PM est. Thank you! TF GALAXY RADIO #2

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TF Galaxy Radio #1

TF-Prototype.com and ThePowWowShow.com Presents…TF Galaxy Radio with Proto Team members Luis and Yul. In our first episode we talk about our first Transformers love, what we loved about them and which toy was our first. Update discussion on future 3rd Party and Hasbro toys. Here is the list we discussed. 3rd Party- 1. Fansprojects LER […]

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Javaco/ T. J. Duckett

Its Wednesday! Special co-host T.J. Duckett hangs with the gang to talk with Javaco (Shapeways, Toy Designer) We talked UltraCon, which we will be live from July 19-20. We talked with T. J. Duckett (KumaStyleDesigns.com) about his photography and his great TFCon Adventure. Thank you all for your support! THE POW WOW SHOW #343

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BotCon Recap

3rd Party TF Crasher and fellow TF Prototype brother, Yul, talks with us about his BotCon Adventure. He also recaps all the new toys at BotCon 2014. Joe and Luis also travel into crazytown. THE POW WOW SHOW #341  

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Shapeshift Inc.

Shapeshift Inc. talks with us about their 3rd Party Transformer company, design process and details on current and future products. Thank you very much to our friends at Shapeshift Inc. for your time on our show. Christian of Wu Long Toys comes on after to talk about some projects and to hear Luis rant about […]

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