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X-Transbots (Master Mini Series) MM-IV – Ollie

Presenting another gallery from U.NEM Studios   X-Transbots (Master Mini Series) MM-IV – Ollie   Putting aside the quality of the plastics used, the only other noteworthy issue with the figure might be the looseness of the swivel joint used to connect the hips to the thighs which hinders posing. Otherwise, Ollie is actually a […]

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X-Transbot Toys MM-IV Ollie & MM-V Sonic

Hot off the trail of the Krank and Stax comes MM-IV Ollie and MM-V Sonic. Ollie is based on the 1986 Transformers the Movie character, Wheelie, and Sonic looks to be based on the Gobots character, Turbo. According to X-Transbots, these would be released around the June time frame. These will be 4.64 inches tall. […]

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X-Transbot MM-IV Ollie

From X-Transbots’ product pages we now have some information about their upcoming Ollie (not-Wheelie) figure. It is 4.64 inches in height and is slated to be in stock early season 2014. Maybe this April(?). The prototype was also posted by X-Transbot Toys.

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