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Fans Hobby: MB-06 MasterBuilder – Power Baser

MB-06 – MasterBuilder: Power Baser by Fans Hobby MB-06 Name: POWER BASER Height: 320mm Main materials: ABS & Metal Alloy Accessories: Blaster rifle x 2, double barrelled canon x 2, Mini figure x 1 Feature: High pose-ability, scale fits to MP collection, LED Lighted Eyes *Shipping will start on: End of October, 2017* **Special gift […]

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Fans Hobby MB-06 Power Baser MP Scaled PowerMaster Optimus Prime (Update #4)

Fans Hobby MB-06 This is Fans Hobby’s version of masterpiece scaled PowerMaster Optimus Prime and is scheduled to be out sometime in October. Being a highly anticipated figure by collectors worldwide they have chosen a hard target to tackle this early on. Name has been confirmed to be Power Baser Name is still yet to be confirmed […]

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GCreation Ultra Maxmas – Optimus Prime

Although I didn’t immediately jump on the GCreation Dinobots, I did eventually come around. Even with their flaws, they are a fun set. Unfortunately, Ultra Maxmas did not turn out to be fun for me. Like X-Transbots Apollyon, he seems to be a shelf display piece rather than a playable toy. I’m indifferent to the […]

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Planet X Jupiter – Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime

The official Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime figure was such a disappointment when compared to the War for Cybertron figure because of its smaller size and less complex transformation. Planet X Jupiter corrects those issues and is an impressive addition to the Planet X line. The Cybertronian truck pretty much looks like it leapt out […]

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Takara Tomy TAV-SP Gold Chrome Optimus Prime

Planet Iacon (Singapore Transformers Fans Unite (S.T.F.U.)) on Facebook recently posted images of this golden beauty! Not much is known on this at this time but I can only assume it will most likely be a Golden Draw exclusive.

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Chrome MP-10 Optimus Prime Version 2 by Concepts in Chrome

Every piece just seems to get better and better, Check out the gallery below.

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Transformers MP Convoy Bape® Red Camo Version

「トランスフォーマー x A BATHING APE®」のコラボレーションアイテムが 全国のA BATHING APE®正規取扱い店舗にて発売決定! 最高峰のクオリティを持つトランスフォーマー変形玩具 マスターピース「コンボイ」RED CAMOバージョンが登場します。 コンボイがDEEP REDを基調としたBAPE® CAMOを纏い、ショルダー部分には APE HEADがプリントされプレミアム感満載の一体に仕上がりました。 Official A BATHING APE® stores in Japan will launch a premium, high quality edition of the Convoy as a part of the upcoming Transformers x A BATHING APE® collaboration! The Convoy, Transformer’s masterpiece toy, will debut in a deep […]

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Ultimetal UM-01 Optimus Prime, now in-stock at The Chosen Prime

Fewture UM-01 Ultimetal Optimus Prime Now back in stock! Fewture UM-01 Ultimetal Optimus Prime. Get yours by clicking on the image above or using the form at the bottom. You can also have this picked up at TFCon in Charlotte next week. Just let us know. Thanks for choosing The Chosen Prime! Share:Share on Facebook […]

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Chrome Plated MP-10 by Concepts in Chrome

Concepts in Chrome has been one of our favorites to follow as they never cease to amaze with everyday bots being turned into true masterpieces.  

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Beelzeboss BLZ-08 Spiritual Leadership Custom Kit, now up for pre-order!

Beelzebos BLZ-08 Spiritual Leadership Custom Kit Get this kit and turn your Combiner Wars Optimus Prime to look like the IDW version. Beelzeboss BLZ-08 Spiritual Leadership Custom Kit is up for pre-order. Use the form at the bottom of the post or click on the image above. Reserve yours. This kit is slated for a […]

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