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Warbotron WB-03 Video Review by TFP (HD) Pt 3 – (Not) Strafe

Warbotron WB-03 Pt 3 (Not) Strafe As mentioned in previous videos these are prototypes and subject to changes at any time. We would also like to thank Warbotron for making such a great bot and Toyszone for getting it to us so quickly. This is part three in our series we are doing covering Warbotron’s version of […]

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Warbotron WB-03 Review by TF-Prototype Part One

First things first we want everyone to know that this review involves prototypes that are not out and subject to change. With that being said I would also like to thank Warbotron for making such a superb product and Toyszone for helping get it in our hands as fast as possible. These guys have been […]

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Warbotron WB-03 (Not) Strafe Gallery and Quicklook

Warbotron WB-03 (Not) Strafe Alt Mode: Bot Mode and Weapons: Comparison to other Team Mates:

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Meet the (Not) Technobots WB-03 by Warbotron

Warbotron WB-03 (Not) Technobots Warbotron busted onto the scene with the rendition of (Not) Bruticus. Most couldn’t believe it’s size while almost everyone had to have it, now they are finishing up their second combiner and this time it is an Autobot… (Not) Computron. While the first three have been out for awhile the last […]

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Skullface Continues The Quantron Series With Blindfire

Skullface continues the Quantron Series with Blindfire, their homage to Technobot Strafe. We look at the figure, modes, accessories, and bust our therapist.  

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Maketoys Store Exclusive MTCM-03-SG1 Ripper

Thanks to Tsang Kin’s Blog, here’s a sneak peak at the upcoming MTCM-03-SG1 Ripper, based on their Blindfire (Quantron) figure.  Here the Shattered Glass version of Strafe.   Shipping out from Maketoys by end of October.   http://www.tktf.info/2014/10/06/mtcombiners-ripper/      

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SDCC Exclusive Dinobot set with Ark Diorama

This got us all excited! We will have the TF4:AoE Dinobots in G1 colors and an Autobot Ark Diorama set. These will be available at the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC / Comic Con International), and will be held on July 24th through the 27th,  at the San Diego Convention Center.   The set will […]

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