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Transform Mission Carnage – Breakdown

Transform Mission Carnage – Breakdown The second entry in Transform Mission’s Stunticons has a stunning looking vehicle mode and an IDW-inspired robot mode. I enjoyed their Disorder figure. Carnage scratches that same itch. He looks absolutely fantastic in vehicle mode. Panel lines are kept to a bare minimum. Is he an accurate Lamborghini? I wouldn’t […]

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TransFormMission – (Not) Menasor – Stunticons

TransFormMission has recently released these images via overseas media sites. We have altered one in a couple various ways trying to show different aspects. These seem to be MP scaled and a perfect addition with a lot of lines being produced today. Variations: Original Gallery:  

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Skullface Looks At Wildrid… I Mean Brake… Something.

We look at the 5th proper stunticon and take out some frustrations on an innocent bot.  

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Transformers Reformat – Stunticons / Menasor

Another set added to U.NEM Studios’ Reformat Series, showcasing & comparing G1 Stunticons with FansProject’s version. Check out U.NEM Studios for more sets from the Reformat Series.  

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Transformers FansProject Motor Squad Military Multiplexer (Menasor)

U.NEM Studios delivers yet another outstanding and extensive gallery. This time, the spotlight is on FansProject’s version of the Stunticons/Menasor – Motor Squad Military Multiplexer (M3). While many have lamented about how complex and frustrating the transformation for this set can be, one cannot ignore the fact that each of these figures is generously articulated and offers […]

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Skullface Looks At CW Menasor… Mercy Is For The Weak!!!

Skullface looks at CW Menasor and looses his cool… But only for a second. We look at the bots, alt modes, combined mode and make a bizarre comparison.  

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Intimidator Arm Filler Kit Anyone?

skullface takes a quick, straight forward, no frills look at the arm filler kit for intimidator.  

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Skullface Looks At This Little Fella

skullface looks at combiner wars blackjack. We look at the figure, modes and accessories and admit when we are wrong.    

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Skullface Looks At Combiner Wars Motormaster… This May Not End Well…

skullface looks at hasbro combiner wars motormaster. We look at the figure, modes, accessories and talk about face sculpts  

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Uranus Stunticon And Menasor Gallery

Combiner Wars Stunticon & Menasor Gallery by Uranus

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