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Transformers Collection Exhibit

MAGIC AND MAYHEM: The Art of Collecting featuring Luis Amado’s giant Transformers collection. From Generation one to present including third party. All time periods and manufacturers of Transformers will be represented. Hundreds of toys and collectibles on display in and out of packaging. Fun activities for kids. Transformers Artwork by Brandy Dixon and GPK artist […]

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New pictures of KO MP-10 Magnus version

New and Improved? That seems to be the case with the latest “KO” of the Takara MP-10 mold. With this Ultra Magnus variant, not only does it have significantly more paint apps, but small fixes like moveable windshield wipers give this a very “fixed” vibe as well. Check out the picture below from ACToys and […]

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TFC Toys Old Soldier Series: Detective

TFC Toys also continues to show off their foray into the Masterpiece scaled lines with this slick homage to Hound!

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MakeToys Master Series: MT-RM02 GunDog

MakeToys has been off to a hot start with their “Masters” series

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A quick look at Armarauders Bellerophon

Fresh in is a sample of the first in the Armurauders lines of Mecha toys

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Unique Toyys O-02 Alberich (Rippersnapper)

Skullface takes a look at Unique Toys Alberich, their homage to g1 terrorcon Rippersnapper. He looks at the figure, accessories, tranforms from bot to limb to shark, and talks about beast kibble.  

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Pudding Pops!

The Luis and the JoeDaddy and the pudding pops discuss Bill Cosby, U2 outrage, pudding pops. Gave away 2 UltraCon tickets, movie talk, pudding pops, toys, Jaden and Willow need to be beaten and Thanksgiving dinner debacle. Thank you to Eric and Steve for calling in and playing Porn or Tomb Raider for the UltraCon […]

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Guardians of Sharknado!

We talk about the greatest summer movie, Sharknado 2….Guardians of the Galaxy with special guest Geeks of Retro, Richard. We introduce you to YouTube Cooking Show Sensation,  Auntie Fee and The Hot and Crazy Matrix (Guide to meeting Women) Thank you all for you continued support! THE POW WOW SHOW #346

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Latest Diaclone

Diaclone and Diaclone Reboot Diabattles V2 found here!

Latest Macross

Latest Macross / Robotech galleries, news, and reviews!