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Transformers News Recap – 25/05/2015

  Covered in this episode: TAKARA – Preview images MP-26 Road Rage & comparison pics. – More images & info Unite Warriors UW-03 Guardian/Defensor with Deluxe Groove C/O Daim Choc. – TFYuki tweeted images LG-13 Megatron – Armada Megatron revealed & comparison pics – TFYuki tweeted images Scourge/Black Convoy & comparison pics thanks to Cheem. […]

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Transformers News Recap – 18/05/2015

Thanks to Christopher Johnson as usual! Covered in this episode: HASBRO New images Combiner Wars Titan Class Devastator on Amazon -http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00SOFZF08 TFND.net’s Genetic posted in hand shots CW Leader Class Ultra Magnus & minimus ambus: http://tfnd.net/discuz/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=36102 Combiner Wars Wave 4 revealed! Full details at TFW2005: http://www.tfw2005.com/…/combiner-wars-legends-wave-4-asso…/ First look at CW Leader Class Starscream C/O Starscream […]

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Transformers Toy News 11/05/2015

Here’s 6sh0t Changer Reviews’, this week’s host’s, channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/6sh0tchangerreviews And thanks to the generous Christopher Johnson and his bad knee! HASBRO C/O Mecannibal V & Nevermore listing updates for Canada & Australia MP Bluestreak. Robots in Disguise Legion figures hinted on App C/O tf_tf on Twitter in hand images Kreon Warriors Wave 2 Combiners […]

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Transformers News Recap 04/05/2015 – Inc. Thailand Toy Expo

It’s the 40th Episode! Covered in this episode: HASBRO – In package images CW Quickslinger & Brake Neck C/O Robot Kingdom – Andrew Griffith posted concept art for the upcoming Leader Class Magnus’s chest/ Minimus Ambus cockpit: http://glovestudiosart.tumblr.com/post/117815829762/so-a-while-back-i-got-to-work-a-bit-on-an-upcoming – Weisheng shared in hand images Robots in Disguise One Step Thunderhoof – Thanks to Osenator & […]

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New York Toy Fair 2015 – Leader Class UltraMagnus and Minimus Ambus

We were blown away with the reveal for the Leader Class UltraMagnus. Not only is it in the IDW stylings, but it also include his mini me, Legends class Minimus Ambus, that turns into a car. Check out the official pictures from Hasbro.    

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TF Galaxy Radio #1

TF-Prototype.com and ThePowWowShow.com Presents…TF Galaxy Radio with Proto Team members Luis and Yul. In our first episode we talk about our first Transformers love, what we loved about them and which toy was our first. Update discussion on future 3rd Party and Hasbro toys. Here is the list we discussed. 3rd Party- 1. Fansprojects LER […]

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Takara Masterpiece MP-22 UltraMagnus

Some more official news. We’ve got some updated pictures, this time for Takara MP-22 UltraMagnus. It comes with his signature weapon and shoulder rockets, an extra pair of hands and face to be used when he tries to use the Matrix, and also comes with mini Spike and Daniel figures.    

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KFC Citizen Stack Comic

Here’s a set of scans from the KFC Citizen Stack set. Enjoy!  

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Life and Times of JoeDaddy

We talk about our Memorial Day weekend, the soundtrack to Joe Daddy’s life and Richard from The Geeks of Retro talks Transformers and plays Tomb Raider or Porn. Thank you all for your support! THE POW WOW SHOW #337

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Big Transformer Show

Big show featuring Joe Daddy, Idaho Jew, Geeks of Retro Richard and Gamebros. Joe Daddy kills a bird. We talk lots of Transformers, movies and video games.TF-Prototype, Dubk Toys and IamRatchet Transformers updates. THE POW WOW SHOW #336

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