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Bio and Mission Statement:

Our mission: Focusing on all the 3rd & 4th Party Transforming Toy projects, past, present, and future, and bringing all of it together into one place for the benefit of you, the fan and collector of these amazing Unofficial Transformers Products.

We know that there are tons of Transformers fan sites and communities out there already, and it is not our objective to compete. However, TF-Prototype is hoping to offer something new and fresh to the Transformers Community. It is our hope that we can bring all fans both new and old together that already own Unofficial 3rd party Transforming toys or that are contemplating getting into them. Our goal is to become The one primary news source for all 3rd Party Transforming Toys. We hope to spotlight the companies of these products and their amazing design teams. We will be interviewing Designers, Artists, Fans and getting insider info on the creation process of these amazing products from concept to finished packaged product.

TF-Prototype consists of a passionate group of like-minded fans, who have many things to bring to the table. They are all excited to be a part of our small but growing community. With their help, and the help of many new friends, we hope to make your experience here with TF-Prototype a most enjoyable one, and add you to our community.

What can you expect by joining our growing community? We here at TF-Prototype believe in providing our community with 3rd party news, updates, and galleries, that are full of these great products. We also hope to feature fan collections full of both official and non-official transformers products, Art Galleries, Customs and more. We also believe in promoting and spotlighting the talent of our community.

Thank you for joining us on our journey,