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Xavier Cal

Biography: “Well I began customizing some early months of 2008. The first customs were simple dry brushing any transformer figures that where around. Then I began to pay more attention to the toy lines coming out each year and what current and past toys. I found the Alternators where unique line really enjoy the engineer on them, as a person who loves cars and grew up with transformers, it was an awesome mix with realistic cars. I made my first real custom from an alternator Sunstreaker and I named sideways. I still keep him around just to remembering how far I have gone. I began custom painting alternators and making really cool customs. Around the time when classics began the new universe line, I soon began customizing different figures. Then customizing really bloom and as more figures come out, universe, movie etc. I saw many figures that made amazing customs. The thing I enjoy the most is creating new figures; it help me to keeps my mind working on creating new figures no matter how hard things gets. After few year of customizing it still great fun to do and still enjoy the challenge each custom brings. Thank you everyone for the support through these past years. Xavier Cal

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Xavier Cal Customs is not a part of or affiliated in any with TF-Prototype. We support what he does and his quality of work. However you may use the form above to contact him directly at his email as  a show of appreciation. Thank you.

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