Acid Rain World FAV-A03 Field Wildebeest WB3f by Toys Alliance

Introduction / 介绍 / イントロ

This is our second review of the Acid Rain World world famous FAV line by Toys Alliance. Let’s get started as we have much to get caught up on. The FAV-A03 Field Wildebeest is the next entry in the FAV line. It consists of a Wildebeest motorcycle and a figure that comes dressed as Agurts Field Calvary I believe it is. The set comes with Medic gear to convert the bike and the figures over to the Field Medic. The Calvary / Medic is also equipped with one pistol, the bike is equipped with 2 removable bags.

Description below from Acid Rain World

“To satisfy battlefield mobility needs, the Agurts military imported the ORV-M from Manfred. The ORV-M was a dual-sport motorcycle designed to enhance durability and increase market penetration. Simple and durable, the design sports low body weight, low failure rate and low maintenance costs.

After numerous adjustments on the ORV-M design, the Agurts military finally created a speedy, lightweight and operationally practical military motorcycle with an elite suspension system that facilitates smooth transport. The model was named Wildebeest WB3f.

The Wildebeest WB3f can weather rapid speeds in a variety of mountainous, desert and jungle terrains, and can withstand the impact of over 20 foot jumps. When deployed alone on the battlefield, they typically act as rapid transportation for weapons, ammunition and supplies across all types of battlefields and terrains. Often used in rapid attacks, reconnaissance and emergency responses, the Wildebeest WB3f has been widely distributed to various brigades of the Agurts military.

Specifications / 技术指标 / 仕様

  1. 1/18 scale
  2. Made of plastic
  3. Rider figure is highly articulated
  4. Convert figure from Field Cavalry to Combat Medic
  5. Convert bike from Field Cavalry to Combat Medic

Packaging / 打包 / パッケージング

  1. Field Wildebeest
  2. Rider figure
  3. Field cavalry gear (Complete Set)
  4. Combat medic gear (Complete Set)
  5. 3 Military bags
  6. Handgun

Packaging is the standard thick cardboard that seems to be used in all of Toys Alliance boxes but this not only had the thick black base clam shell with a clear thick top but also 2 smaller clam shell to further contain the parts and keep everything nicely organized for presentation. It’s a really nice touch and a sure sign you are in for a treat.

Video / 视频 / ビデオ

Thoughts / 思想 / 考え

This was another fairly impressive piece as the packaging finally makes you realize how many parts and pieces of equipment are on these figures. The detailing and weathering on these is absolutely top notch as expected from the ARW line. Toys Alliance has really done a great job capturing the true essence and feel of the Acid Rain World line almost bringing it to life on your shelves and photos.

As far as actually handling the figure I did find it best to remove the head while changing out the vest as a pre-warning so no one is scared when they pop their head off as I was. As far as the holsters, bags, and arm bands just slide those down over the limbs they are on to remove, reverse process to put a set on. Vest and Belt will pop open with a tab on the side. It’s a fun set so now the real question is how are you going to set your up? Field Calvary or Medic? Either way it looks like the Agurts need you and this is Tec and until next time…

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