Acid Rain World FAV-A08 Stealth Camelbot HR12e by Toys Alliance

Introduction / 介绍 / イントロ

Now we get to check out one of the robots in the Acid Rain World FAV line by Toys Alliance. This is the FAV-A08 Stealth Camelbot HR12e which does transform and resembles some of the military robots used today. I think this has some of the best detailing seen yet when looking close at some of the paint apps and it honestly does not have as much as others have but just really well chosen accent points.

Transport mode is the alternate mode for this guy when he transforms. There is also and additional appendage that holds the two rifles and act as a gun turret when in this mode. We have robots today that resemble something close to this design that can run many miles an hour and is often seen competing against a cheetahs time scores, and now we have one we can add to our collections as Acid Rain fans.

Now as a full disclaimer this does combine (sort of in a reassemble and part-formers it kind of way) with the Trooper from FAV-A07 Stealth Trooper Set to form something like what was sold at SDCC recently, a unit called the Talos. I did personally like the fact of losing one of the soldiers to get an odd robot that was less functional than the FAV-A08 out of the box. This was just me and my line of thinking just know you can do this with yours if you desire. Okay now on with the review!

Description below provide by Acid Rain World

The Stealth Camelbot HR12e are robotic units that are used to recon hazardous regions. The Camelbot can convert to two modes: transport mode for auxiliary support and humanoid mode for more complex tasks.

Specifications / 技术指标 / 仕様

  1. 1/18 scale
  2. Made of plastic
  3. Highly articulated figure
  4. Transformable figure
  5. Detailed weathering effect
  6. Compliments other sets in the line

Packaging / 打包 / パッケージング

  1. Stealth Camelbot HR12e Figure
  2. 2 AAR11 Assault Rifles
  3. 2 Additional Arm Joints (to combine FAV-A07 (Or any figure) + FAV-A08)
  4. Black Container (Figure comes in)

Package material is top notch as always from the Acid Rain World line by Toys Alliance. This is another sleeve over a plastic container that resembles an ammo crate or shipping container of some sort. These are able to be stacked or linked together in chains to form walls and barriers. Once again nice little touch.

FAV-A07 + FAV-A08 = Stealth Talos HR15e (Not included)

Photos provided by Acid Rain World

Video / 视频 / ビデオ

Thoughts / 思想 / 考え

This did require a little assemble as the shoulder bars (as I will call them) were not attached when first opening the figure. Just get the tabs lined up and push, once in place you should have no issues.

I could easily imagine this thing hunting and fighting in a war, I do not think I would want to be against it. The transformation is quick and easy. The articulation is there, details are there, and of course the firepower is there! This looks to be another highly suggest item if this is something that appeals to you or think you may be into. You do not need to own anything else as this could be a solid stand a lone purchase. I cannot think of anyone better to compliment your IG-88 even. This is tec and until next time…

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