Acid Rain World FAV-A14 DT-70 Grampus by Toys Alliance

Introduction / 介绍 / イントロ

Today we will be looking at FAV-A14 DT-70 Grampus and this thing is pretty wild. I personally love the styling of the bike itself and even with the bonnet, it goes way beyond that though as this thing also has a set of robotic arms in the front and keeps a set of Hale-40 grenade launchers on it’s side. This thing is an absolute beast, let’s check it out!

Description provided by Acid Rain World

The DT-70 Grampus is one of the most technologically advanced military motorcycles in the world. Deployed by NAUS-Agurts joint forces in desert areas, this vehicle can obliterate dangerous obstacles and swerve sharply at extreme speeds without tipping over. In addition, its advanced SA balancing system enables the driver to control grenade launchers with utmost ease and precision.

Specifications / 技术指标 / 仕様

  • 1/18 scale
  • Made of plastic
  • Pilot figure is highly articulated
  • Removable Armor
  • Detailed Weathering Effects

Packaging / 打包 / パッケージング

  • 1 x Chaser Motorcycle
  • 2 x Hale-40 Grenade Launcher
  • 1 x Grampus Armed Bonnet Set

Package is made of very thick sturdy cardboard with nice graphics on front. It comes of a little plain on back but I am okay with that considering how solid everything is. Contents come in a black clam shell with a clear top. Really a nice total package.

Here some images I created using Acid Rain World Map icons and lore to laser engrave into some pieces of leather to make war banners. Feel free to use!

Thoughts / 思想 / 考え

FAV-A14 DT-70 Grampus is easily a favorite with all it has going on, the biggest question will be who will be your pilot or even how many you should get with all the different variations of ways it can be set up. This is a fun line and I can easily see troop building with this line. This is Tec and until next time please be kind to one another.

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