Fans Hobby MB-14A Flame Breaker

Introduction / 介绍 / イントロ

Today we will be taking a look at MB-14A Flame Breaker by Fans Hobby and I must say this is another amazing release with more refinements than the first Headmaster Jr releases. This is their rendition of the Autobot we know as Hosehead. Also MB-14 Kap I believe showed the same refinements as well but I was not able to review MB-14 Kap yet unfortunately and this was the first time I have encountered this mold or any bots made based off of it. First off the box is striking and vibrant using red as the primary color. Upon opening the package you will find the usual clam shell with instruction booklet and small parts in a bag taped to the backside. Let’s see what’s inside!

Original G1 / 原来的 / オリジナル

Original G1 Artwork

Specifications / 技术指标 / 仕様

  • 1 X Vehicle / Robot Body
  • 1 X Driver / Robot Head
  • 1 X Helmet
  • 1 X Cannon
  • 1 X Additional Face
  • 1 X Instruction Sheet
  • 1 X Collector Card
  • 1 X Sticker Sheet

Packaging / 打包 / パッケージング

The package is vibrant and even striking with the deep reds used and oranges with yellows mixed in to form the grid / block background. The box is a bit bigger than the ones used for Athena, Red Buzzer, Ace Hitter, and NIte Walker. Of course we also have to mention the old school Transformers battle taking place on back of the box.

Thoughts / 思想 / 考え

I feel this is one of the most solid Headmaster Jrs Fans Hobby has released with expert panel designs and a intuitive transformation this one I dare even to say is fun and I highly recommend you grab at least one of this mold rather it be Kap, Arson, or Flame Breaker as shown here, you will not be disappointed. This is Tec and until next time please try to be kind to one another.

Sponsors & Mentions / 赞助商 / スポンサー

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