Fans Hobby MB-15A Power Commander

Introduction / 介绍 / イントロ

This a Masterpiece Scaled Powerlink Optimus Prime by Fans Hobby. Being a recolor of their existing MB-15 Naval Commander mold with a few new additions such as Corona Sparkplug’s car bits or Optimus’ new horns on his head (which I dig by the way). When the original was first released I was not fond of the recoloring and usually avoid adding them to my collection but I happen to like it a lot on this mold. I think part of that though is because of what Fans Hobby has added. Enough about all these differences though let us get started with MB-15A Power Commander!

Original G1 / 原来的 / オリジナル

Original Artwork

Specifications / 技术指标 / 仕様

  • 1x Core Robot (Vehicle Cab)
  • 1x Trailer
  • 1x Mini-Bot
  • 6x Missiles
  • 1x Ion Cannon
  • 1x Faceplate
  • 1x Set of replacement Ears
  • 1x Set of clear Eyes
  • 1x Collectors Card
  • 1x Instruction Booklet

Packaging / 打包 / パッケージング

The packaging is done in a very retro-styled way to represent Transformers packaging from around this era. The cardboard used is very sturdy. The clamshell is well done as I have only found one company that uses stronger shells. The presentation of this product is top-notch with no expense spared. If you display your collection in packaging or display it opened I think Fans Hobby has you covered.

Vehicle Mode:

This mode pays homage to the original armada / Powerlinx Optimus Prime while being somewhat stylized. Optimus’ main weapon is stored underneath the backside of the trailer forming some sort of exhaust or thruster port for the trailer. Missiles fire and have a nice panel molding on the top side of the missiles giving it a Robotech / Macross look which I like. The rear section contains working tank tracks that roll which is a great touch.

Robot Mode:

Now, this is one of my favorite core robots from Fans Hobby but I may be biased as I was a huge fan of the Deluxe scaled Armada Optimus Prime that includes the small jet Min-Con. I still have that Mini-Con and keep it with my MB-15 Naval Commander now. The bot is fairly articulated but shorter than others Primes from Fans Hobby and I usually extend the legs in Core Robot Mode to compensate for this height difference (as seen accidentally in the video).

Combined Mode:

Combined mode has an awesome presence. It’s huge with a few options concerning it’s weaponry. So to be clear out of the gate, crazy articulations like weird double elbow poses or even a normal double knee bend are not happening with this bot and usually do not on the combined mode of Fans Hobby’s bots due to their size and or designs. It does have a great deal of movement and what I would consider to be the standard of Fans Hobby’s larger bots with a few exceptions. The hip skirts offer a great deal of movement making sure not to hinder movement leaving you free to pose your bot how you want. The back pack offers options to be come a small weapons platform. Out of the box the head had a deep red metallic eye coloring and includes parts to change those out to clear and add batteries for a lighted eyes function. It also includes an optional ear set to change out and get the look you desire. I just keep the head as it comes originally out of the box for our review.


The Mini-Bot is meant to represent the character Powerlinx Corona Sparkplug. This take is very stylized and has a pleasing visual appeal. The transformation is not difficult but cumbersome or finicky I feel. Those may be the best ways I can describe it. The Mini-Bot is not my favorite mold by any means. I do believe it is a great representation. This is just my personal tastes though.

Base Mode:

Fans Hobby has been making base modes since back with MB-06 Power Baser and each release has improved greatly MB-15A may contain the best Optimus Prime base mode in Fans Hobby’s arsenal. If you were a fan of the original Armada Optimus Prime or Powerlinx then I highly suggest checking out one of these molds. Many options available to where you put the missile boxes and weapons with several different levels or platforms with a ramp leading up to the main area.

Video / 视频 / ビデオ

Please Note:
You do not have to extend the legs in Core Robot Mode as this is a personal preference of mine and actually a mistake on camera.
When transforming the Mini-Bot fold the head underneath the car to help get the legs around which I did not show in the video.

Thoughts / 思想 / 考え

Fans Hobby MB-15A Power Commander I believe is a great representation of Powerlinx Optimus Prime. Stylized but paying a nod to the original and will probably be the definite version throughout collectors with good reason. Great paint applications and ingenious designs Fans Hobby has done it again so get your preorders in now if this is a bot you want to add to your collection. This release is nice and solid with years of refinement behind it. This is Tec and this has been Fans Hobby MB-15A Power Commander review, until next time please be kind to one another.

Pre-Order MB-15A Power Commander directly from Fans Hobby:

Fans Hobby MB-15A Power Commander Pre-Order Link


This is not a a paid review. I was sent this product pre-release to show it off to our viewers and if we have suggestions give them feedback where needed. I am not paid or under any contract to say anything. What I do say is honestly what I feel at that time. My thoughts and opinions will change over time as must anything to progress. I hope you enjoy.

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